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    numero uno as per tradition


      second motherfuc


        I thought these articles were to highlight the most important changes not every one.


          The changelogs are for every hero. The analysis is absent where I feel the impact is going to be negligible or where I would have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about (e.g. Arc/Meepo). As a ~5.7k player I know quite a bit about Dota, but I am my best when it comes to supports, slightly less qualified to talk about cores and completely under-qualified to talk about micro-heavy carry heroes.


            Reworked Fatal Bonds seem really good for lane harass as seen in ESL ONE Birmingham, also tri vs tri laning helps. The harass is now more consistent as you hit more targets and therefore more likely hit heroes too.

            A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

              You should mention 7.22b and include nerco in the rip list

              Mr. MiyaGi. @Orunashol

                what use is this blog? its just the patch notes.

                Mr. MiyaGi. @Orunashol

                  Visage return as a support ? more like unkillable core.


                    Drow new update is bad, she get nothing from new update... only nerf, s°°t


                      Not talking about the Agh's effects seems... Weird?

                      DP Spammer

                        sad that they keep nerf chen

                        Tu tayta


                          She needed the nerfs...


                            Aghs been dead for 10 years lol


                              Pango is now stronger in laning stage especially in mid, cause more reliable disarm and -armour makes him better at changing hits and disrupts enemy's last hitting. It is way better than silence or disarm prolonged, that was annoying if u didn't make debuff you wanted.

                              MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                You seem to have a slightly less dour outlook on Ogre than before, but I'm curious what in particular makes this hero not especially desirable to you right now. Sure, you shouldn't be relying on him to root four enemies every fight, but you could argue he gets more out of his items than anyone else can right now and can help a late game carry be more effective earlier with bloodlust. It also seems hard to discount the impact of a non projectile stun--especially considering the only longer single target non projectile stuns are either channeled or ultimates (or both).

                                Is it his movespeed? His penchant for melting after a poor laning stage? These are definite problems so I'm certainly not calling your opinion crazy, I'm even open to it. Just merely looking for a little more insight to the position.

                                Also: techies reaction is the only appropriate reaction.


                                  Feels like visage is still too weak.


                                    Pop, you play a visage support usually should try mid. This magic resist buff is fantastic.


                                      Ogre is set to be a monster in this patch when it comes to use click target items. He literally can multi atos, euls, midas, dagon, etc., ridiculous exacerbated by the % now being 75%. Grab the 90gpm talent and play in in the post 4 role. Heck, he's not even the worst pos 3 in the world either if you need one due to the mass AS from blood lust and talent and the 90 damage talent. He's also pretty tanky due to high strength gain, high base armor, high base HP regen.

                                      Reliability of a skill become a lot less of an issue the higher the % gets. Back in the old day when it was like a 30% chance at level 1, I agree it was garbage. But 75% chance for 2x, 30% chance for 3x, and 15% chance for 4x? He literally has like a 85%+ chance to multi cast on every cast now.

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                                        new fatal bonds is definitely a lot stronger, the actual value doesnt change if you use it against a full wave of creep + 2 heroes and the most important thing, it won't link only to 1 ranged creep + 2 heroes at lvl 1, it could also detect heroes on Fog of war too, which means ranged enemy support who would positioned themselves behind the trees would still get hit. Oh yeah, did I mention that fatal bonds CANCEL clarity? coz the new fatal bonds would nearly always hit you unless you are so far from the lane, making clarity can't be used for the next 25 scnds


                                          Warlock in now OP in pubs