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    Please no


      2nd ez


        Visage is in fact very easy to use hero, you don't even need to control familiars separately if you don't want to.

        Solo Giallo

          Clockwerk 5 is the future .

          Yami Yugi

            Yes, Axe is the perfect answer to the highest WR heroes lately, except Warlock alone

            OG.Ruby 

              Axe aghs will be the biggest discovery during TI group stages and qualifiers and will have to be nerfed, even you guys aren't talking about it for how strong it is. With max battle hunger blademail can even be delayed after blink dagger allowing for so much more versatility in axe's item build thanks to a switch up in the skill build.

              kirito.I command you to die.

                Нет , я как топ 10 акс мира говорю ,что герой мертвый абсолютно , запрещаю пикать


                  ^ тупа диван

                  Gym 6 days, Rest 1 day

                    Tbh I think every body is currently missing the biggest hidden upcoming change in Axe - he is going to start building Mek as first core item and greaves as his base boot rather than tranquils.

                    I will elaborate in a forum post.

                    lil me aløne

                      w33 like this post

                      Boeing 737-MAX

                        difficulty with visage is that he gets out Cs'd by about everyone with the exception of techies. His swingback sucks and his projectile speed is worse. He has no built in nuke, or stun in the laning phase. I always found your best hope with him is to CS what you can until you get 6 and then you can kill the enemy mid with birds and then start farming.

                        Asuka Langley Soyru

                          yeah battle hunger has been the way to go in most lanes for awhile


                            скозали шо на прахтеху нада а в бумажки написана с 14 ахаахахах изииии


                              I think you missed the whole point about visage: Visage can actually reduce the enemy attack speed and take it for himself and easily take CS! You just need to use that when the wave is on low hp so it is easy AS advantage. And the swing-back is quite easily diminished by stutter-step.