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fever dreams

    dark willow best support aghs? wtf


      Techies need Aghanim? Seriously might as well not write about that hero. Bane agh should be core item not a situational upgrade. Not only good on paper but also in any fight.


        Dont tell Treant players to buy agha. They try to rush agha right after brown boots and as result they do nothing all game. They should remove this agha to prevent that kind of shameful behavior.

        Skywrath agha is definitely S tier. Literally doubles everything the hero does and also as side effect makes the hero good at farming. The only reason its not broken is because the hero has a million weaknesses like lack of mana, lack of armor and lack of hard disable.

        Silencer and Wyvern agha would be good if they had movement speed talents so that they wouldnt be jumped on so easily.

        Ogre Magi agha is definitely E tier. 60% of your mana? Seriously? For 1.5 to 3.0 seconds stun? You might as well buy Vyse and Abyssal.

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          Did I miss Shadow Fiend in the Agh's series?


            You missed in the Techies Aghs bit that it also increases the damage and cast range of his remote mines. Another reason why we all panic when we see techies aghs


              Before any of you nerds complain be grateful that the dotabuff team took time to analyse all of these and make a decent article.


                stoopid artikel

                wait for me

                  Abbadon aghs A tire!!! How does that work??


                    Ogre Magi Aghs is great... Another roll on the x4 stun is just game breaking. Usually it ends up killing one core on the enemy team when you use both of the stuns on the target and it will be locked down for like 7-8 seconds total... And even the weaker core players can kill one dude in that time.

                    And to top that off, Ogre has a solid mana pool and his spells are not really that expensive... And to top it off... What is 60% of 1 mana in your mana pool? That is some cheap casting... You can always cast this 1.5 to 6 second stun even without mana and it doesn't have much for cool down either.

                    And that Midas is still way superior to Ogre than any other hero in the game... Way more better. But that also means that you shouldn't play slot 5 support Ogre as you should get some farm for Midas and other items. The beauty here is that Ogre is a solid block of health so survivability is not a big concern or channeling some huge spell... So he has no huge need for a BKB or other survivability items... And that one x4 stun can wreck a slot 1 players life... And Aghs gives you a second swing at it...

                    Ice my frog

                      That Elder Titan Agh is should play a bigger role. Damn, I might even rush it if I have good DPS teammates. Unstoppable stomp, let others kill, continue ahead. And then repeat.

                      black november

                        To any new player reading this article - forget about it, the author has no idea about game and what heroes roles are.

                        How is it decent? It's a 2k analytics lmao

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                          Where is Shadow Fiend in this series?
                          i mean come on.. you guys even put this cancer techies in your articles but no sf?

                          MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                            The value you get from a midas is certainly worth the price of admission as it means ogre is stronger in the late game than many supports would be, but it's not always worth playing the hero in this manner. If you're playing against an early draft, ogre is able to withstand a lot of punishment compared to other supports, but still falls off into squish territory fast and needs to get immediate items. By the end of a long game, ogre probably will have more items if he gets the midas, but the benefits of an early rod of atos or medallion are difficult to ignore vs an early draft.

                            The problem I have with aghs is that while that one stun can be amazing against that one hero, your team will likely have enough damage in general to handle it anyway. You're getting more overall control from grabbing other high cost items like hex and orchid and rod than you are from the single target reroll. It's not that it's bad, you are guaranteed to always have a stun in your pocket with the item and that's hard to ignore, but think of it this way: if I add together all the possible damage from four heroes' right clicks over the course of a disarm, it will likely be more damage than the carry will be able to put out during the entire teamfight. That's harder for me to ignore.


                              Kawai kid seriously go back to a fuckin night market to sell socks.

                              Are you a 1k or just no brain?
                              Man you think spirit breaker agh is good? How the hell in this world would you not mention wisp while you mention hero who never build agh.
                              Is your mum webmaster of this page or what?

                              Once again if you don't understand game all around just go educate first,this is horrible.


                                Or winter wyvern? Kid this even make that spell worse in some cases. Holy shit man

                                Tu tayta


                                  You may or may not have noticed that in each tier, the heroes are in alphabetical order.

                                  Yami Yugi

                                    I am sorry to see how much criticized the last three article were, so much that although I wanted to write about utility phoenix is not listed before, I hesitated and decide to cheer our most beloved author to keep his good work and stay positive -Ring of Fire Country-

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                                      I am always PMA, perks of getting older, I guess.
                                      Different opinions is what makes Dota great and discussing and defending them is a part of being a passionate Dota player. There are rarely universal truths in this game and everything is situation-dependent.
                                      Wisp is absent because he was hit with a patch right before the article was supposed to go up and I am not too sure about the hero any longer.
                                      I also don't think P9^ quite understands how tiers work, since both WW and Spirit Breaker are in the lowest one.)


                                        Deer LORD people have a lot of hate to give ! P9^ showing a lot of confidence explaining to an immortal that he doesnt know anything about the game from the top of his archon V rank !
                                        I do think that KotL could be a tier higher, and I would like to point out that Spirit Breaker Aghs is pretty much his only option against illusion heroes (but like drow, it should be a fallback rather than a plan A). Other than this I think these articles are pretty nice. Thanks for the content keep up the good work !


                                          Jakiro should be higher. Its actually pretty good when you are defending tower or taking high ground. You can compare that to using MK ult to take the raxx safely.

                                          aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                            @tonyshane289 and @P9^
                                            When I started reading KawaiiSocks' articles, I was an Ancient 3, he was a Legend. Now he's an Immortal and I'm still a Divine, though I sometimes disagree with his points too.

                                            You know what, your opinion doesn't matter when you don't have a star beside your name. So go home cry in your mom's basement :)

                                            Shit my IQ dropped to 3 now talking with degenerates :(

                                            aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                              And my opinion doesn't matter too since I have an anime profile pic :X

                                              aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                                Welcome to Divine, @guuz


                                                  I honestly don't think I've ever been Legend. I've calibrated back in the day at 4.5k and was growing slowly, but surely to ~5.8 over the last year, after getting annoyed people don't take my blog posts seriously. Street cred and all that, you know, though it doesn't really work as well as I expected))

                                                  On the Aghs series I've also been consulting with Cptn.Canuck a lot, who is at 6k+, NA servers, as opposed to my EU/CIS. There is a lot of interesting differences at how we perceive and analyze information and neither is necessarily more correct, just different nuances of different things. So, yeah, Dota is beautiful, so keep it PMA and never stop arguing in a constructive and polite manner)


                                                    Socks, this blog is full of trolls/monkeys, don't expect too much from people.

                                                    Sure people will have their own tier list because it's very subjective.


                                                      valve will read this article and make every aghanim STier.


                                                        You're a good boy Kawai but i clearly think io agh is way better than SB one or WV one... Way way better. Keep it up i like your honest reaction.

                                                        paduko kayo

                                                          P9 is so good at dota, you can see all normal skill tier game in his dotabuff account, thats absolutely superb, we need to agree with his comment

                                                          1 bulan MONET - 16th

                                                            well , thats why i love ranking system
                                                            bastard archon 6 , 1800 games , its mean his IQ limited
                                                            cant play act like he is immortal

                                                            btw P9 , dont expose ur public match kid , if u want to talk shit like that again

                                                            btw , even kawaii is legend , im still appreciate his work , rather than not give idea at all

                                                            good work , keep going kawaii sock


                                                              You two kids 1vs1 me, i will rekt you with literally least winning hero in game any time of the day.

                                                              All you can do kid is farm with your 90% core acc. Blame supports and cry couse mmr seems to be everything in your life.

                                                              Im proud archon 6,have nothing to hide so why i would?
                                                              Yeah i know its hard to understand for infected kids what proud is actually.


                                                                In my opinion, I prefer Aghs on Nyx support, he's like bringing the fountain with him and that CD reduction and range is sick. KotL would probably S-tier for me, his heal and damage is game changing, Groot's Aghs would also be S-tier for me but pls don't rush, buy some utility items for the team since you're a support, free wards and pseudo-global root with damage is also sick.

                                                                Ogre aghs is really trash, 60% mana? u sure? I'd rather buy sheepstick or rod. And by the way P9, stfu, you know nothing.

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                                                                  So many saltiness yet some might be true. In reality some of this aghanim might (or might not be) that worth it.

                                                                  Oracle should be around borderline B-C tier as an Oracle spammer, 3 or 4 purifying flame could be the difference between life and death in false promise

                                                                  Ogre Magi sounds bad on a paper but on reality it could be for last resort against heavy mana burn and with his newfound midas build, anything is possible

                                                                  Undying as good as it was, getting aghanim will be hard especially as 5th post or as the only strength heroes since you are more likely to focus on Guardian Greaves, Pipe, BM and Crimson

                                                                  While I agree magic don't really scale on late game, Skywrath could eliminate literally anyone within matter of seconds. Even during midgame, aghanim was worth it after eul and rod of atos due to its double silence as well

                                                                  With pure macropyre, Jakiro would caught anyone off guard especially that was 20 second and not even bkb can protect those pure damage. With both of those upgrades, Jakiro can even be an anti tank

                                                                  v e n z (don't inv studying)

                                                                    shouldn't AA be on s tier?


                                                                      Jakiro and cm should be on ss tier, my favourite xd

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                                                                          Mirana aghanime...