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Flying Squirrel

    Great article.

    Edit: primary response PogChamp

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    Eddy the Geomancer

      Nullifier dispels Eul's so why is it a counter? Mute actually interrupts Eul's.

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          I just came here to see what Mr.Kawaisuck say about wisp change,well still think hero deserve much more attention especially now,+we consider the hero is always go to pick/ban for a lot of teams.


            Wisp changes are the biggest changes in the patch, not shadow demon.


              As Lacoste would say, Vorlock is looking quite good right now


                "Nullifier Nullifier pretty much should only be used in melee range now, since the projectile speed is low enough for most players to react to with either Eul’s" Wait what ????


                  Sorry, a bit of a brainfart. Should have said Manta. Thanks for pointing it out, fixed now)

                  ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                    Hmm i think the game is changing at a rate that the meta has no time to catch up we might end up with an overpowered hero this way like morph is a flexible pick but no one still picks him


                      late game spectre CAN NOT easily countered and killed , the only way to killing him is break and some strong counter picks , but with a ghost spectre she can survive break she is the strongest late game hero as well.

                      ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                        ^ she is one of them for sure like medusa or am, morph, sniper,arc warden they could be quite annoying if they haven't been countered


                          buff sven useless valve

                          OpenAI 4 (Bot)

                            ^ damn I only wish as well, my boy's talents beside +40 STR god strength are useless rn

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                              You say nothing to PA, sad....

                              Megabyte Precisely

                                Eul's is a counter to Nullifier because you can dodge the projectile guys. The projectile is slow as hell anyone with any common sense should be able to eul's themselves and dodge it. That's what it means.

                                MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                  That throwaway line towards Valve sticking to their schedule despite the schedule of DPC tourneys is fairly important, albeit not the focus of this article. Appreciate the mention.


                                    How is Shadow Demon ulti making Storm Spirit irrelevant in team fight. It doesnt even roots the target. ==


                                      ^ Demonic Purge now continuously dispels the target (static overload)

                                      Master Banana Eater

                                        20% stacking bonus is small? No. It's not.

                                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                          @A wolf selfie

                                          On average, the largest amount you can get for stacking a camp is under 40 gold at min 0, and considering the 2% increase to gold every 7.5 min, you're not getting much more out of it the rest of the game. Should you stack the ancients? Sure. But you'll get more gold from one creep wave than you will from stacking the entire jungle. And you don't get xp either.


                                            don't want to be that guy but this article is riddled with grammatical errors but other than that its great