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Kabir Singh

    Normal skill 63 Percent winrate
    High skill 50 percent winrate
    Very high skill 71 percent winrate

    What will be my mmr
    Profile not locking in vhs
    Hardly 1 game between high skill matches


      10k mmr


        Are you from turkey?

        Kabir Singh

          I'm from India

          rozoviy broiler na anabol...

            atleast 7900 bro ur looking real good see u at next ti maybe

            Kabir Singh

              If I get 5k. I will be the happiest man on Earth but that won't happen in this account

              Kabir Singh

                I don't understand one thing
                My high skill is 50 percent win rate
                My vhs is above 75 percent
                Even my last void game was a win



                  3k on the russian server if ur lucky

                  Kabir Singh

                    Definitely will pass 3k

                    love yourz

                      9k Sir


                        but your skill is unstable tho like you're playing VHS and back to HS, i'll give you 3.3k


                          Welcome back Lemon, i see your still losing all your games.. those damn teammates of yours eh


                            @champion of death can you predict mine hehehehe


                              Thanks mate lost as many games as won since i returned. Currently in low behavior score bracket so why not go ahead and learn to play invoker in ranked right

                                Dieser Kommentar wurde gelöscht

                                  palm of violets smells

                                  Road to Immortal Top 1




                                      Kabir Singh

                                        Thanks guys means a lot. I too feel I won't get pass 3.3k

                                        China Booster

                                          8k, very guds


                                            20 maybe

                                            stupid cancerous brain da...

                                              4 abandons smh powercuts,stupid net sometimes cnt help it

                                              Kabir Singh

                                                India bro, what to do powrcuts are common

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