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    Once a scrub, always a scrub

    I'm 1%

      lich rules

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          Sullen harvest time already over


            "Using a pro player's strat and name does not make you pro."
            -Albert Einstein

            Trehz .//droi:D

              5th Madafuckkaz


                Can you make a thread about 7.06f in two days please? :3

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                Black Capped Chickadee

                  Kotl for the win! Agh with Q during daytime is abused!


                    eggs zzzzzz


                      *enemy teams pick KOTL*
                      me pick le Night stalker ;>


                        this is my game


                          Would be nice if the article also shows the winrate of those heroes, so we can actually see how succesful pub try to imitate the pros play


                            What is the case against jungle? If I can jungle and meet or beat GPM and XPM vs mid, is it still bad to jungle as a position 4?


                              FIRST XD


                                @Sirfalcon, of course it's bad, having a jungler just make your lane weak and gankable. What is the actual point of having tons of GPM and XPM (that you will not have btw cauz jungle is trash compare to laning & Kills) if you loose all your lanes and the game ? in ranked solo queue, when I have jungler in my team and not enemy team -> 16% winrate, The reverse I have 86% winrate ... That is all, stop jungle, learn to lane and learn this game !

                                ОП - МИЗАНТРОП

                                  Качественный русскоязычный перевод этой статьи:

                                  Gold Bird

                                    I'm so happy they got rid of all the "first" and "second" type comments.

                                    old man

                                      I love lich