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      hmm 2 :D


        Lone druid ♥♥♥

        Puffalo Soldier

          blaze it


            Deathhhhh Propphhheetttt. get em my lady.

            : )

              Does anyone have a list of all unpicked heroes in the Qualifiers so far?


                inb4 kids who cant lone druid feed including me </3


                  OD is reworked hero too, no?

                  Thunder Warrior

                    I really liked the new druid rework cuz it feels like he is a better offlaner with the new ability. The aghanim is decent for push I would say and for safeish farming. Overall I still think void has become very weak and almost useless because he needs to build more items to make him less squishy rather then just dps items.


                      Several heroes were re-worked. This author simply pointed out both heroes who have been impacted the most, and have impacted the competitive scene the most.

                      <i>Felis catus</i>

                        SF is now on a vacation :(

                        [FaO] JoJoBird

                          What should we conclude from the fact you skip riki entirely ? :-)

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                            Rip Void. Position 1->Position 4.


                              "In fact, all these changes combined have given her a very noticeable pro-scene presence—she managed to win 26 games out of 41 in the Major qualifiers. A 63.5% win rate is nothing to scoff at and the sample size is big enough for the data to have statistical significance."

                              Can you provide the calculations for this significance?


                                I wanted to know which were the 8 unsung heroes =/

                                <clever name here>

                                  @Austinfett, more like a POS 3. Team him up with a ranged mid and at least 1 ranged support and his chrono can get some serious use. It will make a teamfight go from 5v5 to 5v4 or 5v3. You can no longer build him as a glass cannon and expect him to survive as he once did though, you need to tank him up with some items like vlads and SnY.


                                    Doom is so bad now. I understand the nerf but they went overboard with movement speed nerf + scorch nerf.

                                    Same walkspeed as Viper
                                    Worst attackspeed in the game
                                    0 armor
                                    Mana problems

                                    You cant even catch up to a witch doctor with scorch and phase boots both on.

                                    Level death was a better ability did more damage, and now u can't remove linkens anymore

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                                      Mbeju Volador

                                        Ayy lmao

                                        i am sworn to burden your...

                                          @Mogginho buying a Eul's resolves nearly every problem you brought up. It fixes his mana problems, gives him extra movespeed, lets him pop Linken's and gives him another disable.


                                            @JoJoBird We should conclude that Riki is not in Capatains Mode

                                            LGND 27082

                                              ez VOID meta


                                                trash thread as always


                                                  For those who were wondering, the eight unpicked heroes were Sniper, Huskar, Storm Spirit, Venomancer, Warlock, Axe, Elder Titan and Meepo (Axe and Huskar were both banned once but never picked)

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                                                    Thanks for the tip sick plays, will try

                                                    Copium Please

                                                      Kagamine Rin the best anyway

                                                      [FaO] JoJoBird

                                                        @Cup the Grace good to know. :) I'm looking forward to actually seeing him in a pro game, just to see how he can be used at that level.


                                                          Well made article, thanks for that



                                                            Magbalugtong Jr.

                                                              Im loving this patch, particularly with the Lone Druid :) love the hero


                                                                FV is pretty good at being annoying and unkillable if you don't lock him down. Even worse in a tf. Can be countered by picking him off solo and then forcing tf's but still annoying nonetheless if you don't recognize that.


                                                                  This patch is an absolute shitfest, lone druid can kill you in 2 seconds without any items just with his bear, and invoker is a joke, he gets exort damage and already with alacrity it is impossible to outlasthit him.
                                                                  This patch is absolutely unbalanced and a big piece of garbage.
                                                                  The new items are good and they were needed, but now basically if any of the broken 6.86 heroes get fat you cannot comeback.

                                                                  Blossom Kitten


                                                                    yeah right

                                                                      am I the only one who hope to see triple maelstrom + aghs Drow on pro scene?




                                                                          the most retarded patch


                                                                            Play Druid either safe-lane or mid, easy mmr. Jungling is too slow and the offlane is a gamble