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    İf i got multiple reports and getting low priority automatically because reports of some toxic whiners, what is overwatch for?

    i got multiple reports, muted and banned right after my last game. Explain me what did i do in this game to get multiple reports?

    İf im getting banned just because of some toxic stupid kids, every time. just because i didn't play like they way they wanted, i am not playing this game anymore. Soon this game will die.

    You can't rely on report system in a game where %75 of players are toxics and retarteds. They always win.

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      Subhuman trash rotting in low priority, is calling other ppl toxic. holy fuck the irony XD


        bro wakeup to reality, almost all of your games results to a loss and your death is double digits
        i think you only win cuz of your party carrying you

        stop whining and play better
        you deserve to be on LP


          "Soon this game will die"
          I swear, I'm hearing it since 7.00 back in 2016
          almost 10 years later it's still alive and developing. Possibly, thanx to sending toxic low-skilled assholes to where they belong. You can never know


            Haha most toxic community ever. You can't answer about the topic and shitting toxic words here. İ wasn't expecting anything more :)


              you get what you give, mr 47% WR over 4400 matches