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General DiscussionWhy Im playing with guardians with 60% win rate

Why Im playing with guardians with 60% win rate in General Discussion

    I just finished the 100 hours of playing unrank and I'm surprised why Im playing with guardians lol why?


      This is simliar to asking:
      Why am i poor,
      i have 60% of 1 dollar.

      but others are rich
      but have only 50% of 1000 dollar.

      Do you get it ?

      hope that helped.

      smurfs = no balls

        because its your rank


          Because you are a low skilled player. Hope that helps.
          Having 60% winrate in 100 games, when you tick "I'm new to dota" is not a big achievement my man.

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              Because if you were better you would be playing with higher mmr players.

              Ryūjin no ken wo kurae

                u dont perform good, thats why.


                  Well dota decided to put people who was 4-6k a year ago into 2-3k bracket with their new system. I love it <3


                    FYI I play different accounts at all time, so I know for a fact that this is true.