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    Why i need to find all roles when 10 calibration matches ?

    My first match meet with crusader 2 but
    I always get offlane role and make me loss 9 games and 1 win with support .

    The problem is that i can not really play offlane role and i prefer mid or safe carry pos1 or pos2.

    Very bad luck in calibration .

    Any advice to help me

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      Stop making new accounts, if you are guardian dog, then you are a guardian dog. Learn how to use keyboard and mouse first.


        Anyone who buys accounts should be arrested.


          just 5 stack party queue lol


            @chill i just play alone fri


              The problem isn't you not being able to play offlane, the problem is that role relies on the pos4. If they do bad then you have no farm, no lane, and no mid-game. That's why nobody plays off-lane.

              Pick weaver/hoodwink to 1v2 the lane or pick LC/Axe/Sandking/Tide so you can recover in jungle in case the support ruins your lane.

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              Feeding in progress

                I've been constantly matching people with less than 200 games like every match but do not seem like they are that new to the game when they play. Its all because of ppl like you lol.

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                  If you want to win in the offlane, maybe pick actual offlaners.

                  You desrve to lose if you keep picking gyro tiny am offlane

                  RosHan Solo

                    If you have to play offlane, just pick Axe if you dont think you can trust your pos4. If you are getting zoned from lane, start cutting the creeps under your tower. That way yes the enemy carry gets farm but you are also getting something out of it and not feeding deaths (also at your rank i can guarantee you their carry will miss last hits under tower). Axe doesn't really need much, vanguard+boots+blink allows you to start being really active. If its mostly magic damage you think you are going to take, dissemble the vanguard and turn into hood of defiance ready for pipe.

                    Yes I play in the 'trench' but I am also a Grandmaster (lvl30) Axe player.