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how to abuse mvp role? in General Discussion

    imo stuns overvalued, i played mirana gaunlet game i always get mvp role no matter what


      I honestly believe fantasy points are the most accurate way to decide mvp. Carry or mid always getting mvp currently.

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        not true bro, i only got 10 mvps so far, like 5-6 with mirana, only once mid, once with ls, 2 with jakrio and ocne with wk


          im thinking that support mvp is easier in hidden pool though theres hardly any support there


            In most cases it picks the correct hero. I remember ending the game 0-8 as Venge & got MVP. I was surprised because I carried that game pretty hard and was sure I wouldn't get it coz KDA. Anyway, MVP is kinda useless.


              Ive got 36 match mvps this battlepass mirana and techies amost always get mvp of you win land lots of arrows and few remote mine kills and you are mvp ive been mvp every mirana game also

              I GOT AYAKA!!!

                I got it was pudge pos 5. Just clear the achievements


                  Whenever I have a CM on my team when we win, they get the MVP


                    1) pick some disable heroes
                    2) cast them many times on enemy
                    3) ???
                    4) MVP

                    Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                      ES. Just land your fissure right and youll be the mvp. I have a game with a useless 34mins blink dag, low hero dmg, and awful kda earthshaker but we comeback wins the game. He becomes our mvp despite being a burden


                        MVP mechanic usually favors carries/mid. But i do get MVP as support twice. Once as a Shaman, and others as a Skywrath. Shaman, Pudge, Lion and Earthshaker are the easiest to get as support. While carry, Juggernaut and Naga Siren are the easiest to pull off. Midlane, Puck has a lot of disable and invoker easy to be done. Offlane are the hardest to pull off, but Bristleback and Slardar are the easiest.


                          Cm techies mirana always mvp if you win game


                            yea techis tends to get lots of mvps


                              I play pos 4 and 5 most of the time and get MVP quite often. Don't think I deserved all of them.
                              Contrary to what has been said here, I think the system favours supports.

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                                If you reveal couple heroes with dust auto mvp