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pop idle

    Naga siren felt pretty weak atm


      No. You are just bad at farming with her. You shouldn’t have less than 10lh/min on her. She is very strong.


        Also butterfly is overrated imo (U get evasion at lvl 25 anyway). Better to stack hp on her (skadi+heart) because her illusions mostly die to nukes. You don’t need more dmg, and if u need bloodthorn is the way to go. Not sure when u fight as her, but i wouldn’t before manta+diffusal+1 more item. Only fight when it’s really needed. You can outfarm anyone.

        Fuka suginai o nīchan

          Probably the best solo carry in pubs after TB.


            Naga is a situational hero who is utterly cancer to play against if she ever gets her 3 item timing up. The reason she's situational is precisely because it's 3 items, which is a slow build in this meta.

            The hero is good when she's good though. Just don't fight unless absolutely necessary before yasha/diffu/manta (order is game dependent)


              Naga is a really good 10th pick, she is weak if she is drafted early since she suffers the same counter picks as other illusion heroes like sand king, dark seer, earthshaker, underlord... you get the picture. Early game AoE magic damage slows down naga enough that other cores can get ahead of her and end the game before she gets too strong.

              V J1vag0

                Yeah naga needs time to be ready to fight , its like ant mage always farm jungle and lane forever , your team always play without the hc until he finish farm

                pop idle

                  Oh really my farming that bad? How do you farm when your team lose mid and offlane? Also-also my butter timing bad too? Or it just the draft? I think it's the draft no?


                  Because when I win it was something like this



                    cheese hero on safelane similar to CK, just pick when enemies lack aoe and enjoy your free game


                      -cheese hero
                      pick one

                      Tashikametai Nukumori


                        you have nowhere near the amount of cs/gpm thats attainable on naga
                        but shes not a snap pick- if enemies can deal with illusions the game gets very hard


                          too many counters, need 20-25 mins of farm to be able to fight