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General DiscussionWhat are good mid heroes in this(7.22c) patch?

What are good mid heroes in this(7.22c) patch? in General Discussion
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    I planning to rank up by playing only midlane heroes, and want to know which ones are good right now? Its seems that Tinker if not countered hard is great, same with mk, storm and ember, but what about the rest?


      meta matters less when people can't play the heros well anyway. you'd probably have a better time playing heroes you're comfortable on rather than a hero that is on paper OP but playing it suboptimally. becoming a better player is more than just picking what's good right now.

      if you already have some heroes you're comfortable with in the mid lane keep playing them. a hero that you're always good on will still be (mostly) playable regardless of balance patches.

      that being said, clinkz is pretty good right now even with the searing arrow nerf (though it's arguably better early game) plus the choice between his lv 15 talents are both strong and the agi talent at 10 returns some of the damage that he lost.

      naga is pretty simple, you get levels + a few wraith bands and farm jungle with illusions. basically impossible to not find farm even if your lane goes poorly.

      plus the same old heroes that are basically a free win if they're 10th pick uncountered are still the same. e.g. morph, huskar, visage, brood, meepo, lycan.


        can anyone explain how does morph win games when he got a 10th pick? how is that so? just a better mid matchup?


          I agree with Androgynous. Dont pick what you cant play just for having the best. My favourite mid pick at the moment ist QOP. She is strong on single target damge with dagger. Even if the matchup is bad for you, you can make your enemy suffer and waste a lot of gold on consumables + has high attack damage for regular last hits, also bursts at 6 to kill almost every hero insta.


            mostly just because of better matchup so he gets 4 cs and 4 denies pretty much every wave + farms jungle pretty fast with lifesteal.

            if u can't burst him he just stays max agi and u can't farm or trade hits either. harass is basically pointless when he has high armour and when he gets low he just morphs down to like 1/200 hp and then back up to 401/600 hp.


              sure any hero can have a good lane matchup but i think morph like the others can get out of control too quickly. whereas idk a razor for example, even if he has a good lane has a harder time insta-winning games.


                Girl meta rn
                Templar, windranger, lina, qop, death prophet are the best mids

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                  Arc warden is the truth right now


                    makes sense,thanks


                      i think faechiru is op

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                        Oh how cruel it's to last pick morph mid vs alchemist


                          od lina meepo sf brood lanaya lycan

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                            i dont think OP can play any hero androgynous mentioned lmao except maybe clinkz. naga ? pretty sure he will bring 3 illu + real hero to farm 1 medium camp




                                kys with me


                                  lycan mid









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                                            And what makes you think that, stór aðdáandi af Jophy ?


                                              I play LC on mid lane