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drex kun

    saw some shit about this on facebook. is it real tho, can anyone confirm thiss? thank

    eXtra Large

      Can you cite your source? AFAIK there has been no announcement on new season.

      eXtra Large

        The same source has Mars 7.20 as the cover photo and is claiming 100% release date for frostivus.

        I wouldn’t hold my breath.

        Season 1 ran from the 22nd of November til the 5th or June (7 months) so season 2 could end any time til Feb without being out of the unexpected.

        drex kun

          why don't they have any official announcement on twitter or on some stuff

          eXtra Large

            Idk, maybe they will closer to the time. I believe they did for season 2, about a week or so before season 1 ended. Could be wrong though but I seem to remember that.


              @main dish
              Out of the topic

              can you please tell me how much mmr yiu got with your ancient 5 medal? Did you calibrated thru ranked roles from dotaplus



                You have dota plus right?

                Story Time

                  honestly Valve should not announce re-calibration but should do it out of the blue. That is the only way to reduce scam and recalibration cheating


                    with all these 7.20 stuff I will refuse to recalibrate at least until a few months ..

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                    drex kun

                      @ :::::::::::
                      Yah dude i calibrated thru ranked roles
                      But my medal was a bug cuz my solo calibrated at 4202 and i calibrated at ancient 5 without any %. The % started around like 4450ish to reach divine medal.

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                        well anyone know waht is the exact date of start on season 2? just add 6 months to it right?

                        then we can probably guess 7-8 months later

                        wait its already been written,5th of june

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                          i am curious. during recalibration does your mmr really change? like for example let say your current solo mmr is 3400 then recalibration phase. do you think your next mmr would be closer to 3400? like maybe 3400-3500 cap? cause in my opinion it would be closer. do you guys think you could recalibrate from 3400 to like maybe 3900 or something?


                            ^Sure why not. When the new season came out, I went from 3500ish - 3800+ after winning 8/10 games. Next season, not too sure how Valve is gonna tweak the mmr calibration parameters.


                              Since 6 months per year of recallibaration. Obviously,this coming december. Dunno the exact date


                                had a friend who work as an artist in valve, it wil be around 3rd week of december. my guess is calibration is just about winning more games with certain amount of mmr you will get/lose depending on the enemy team average skill points. there is something predefined mmr gain if you win or mmr reduction if you lose. there was a discussion in reddit, that surveys recalibration... some 7/10 score gaining more mmr than 8/10, 9/10 or even 10/10. it is safe to assumed in this manner, win all your games guarantee mmr rise, lose some and hope you lose with lower skill cap not those higher ones.


                                  but i thought recalibration would look into your performance rather than your winnings? not sure tho, valve works in mysterious ways i guess.


                                    ultra motherfvcker


                                      it is base on wins brother. this confirmed by valve employee in reddit. go check on it. but not sure what will be on 3rd season.


                                        thats not fair if its confirmed on wins. what if u get shit team every game? not blaming teammates but what if u could get around 8 or 7 of the games won but u only really win 5 or 6 cuz shit team. to make up for performance they should give the supports something to judge on eg ward kills support contribution etc.

                                        drex kun

                                          the calibration will be tomorrow?

                                          jacob faggot U are my bitch

                                            i dont think so i guess the calibration will be after christmas


                                              Do we even need that recalibration shit anymore? It just makes the community more cancerous...


                                                main dish
                                                how many did u win? 10 calibration games?

                                                Story Time

                                                  no new calibration - season ends once x-mas holidays starts


                                                    calibration will start a few days from now, calculation of mmr will be different this season so dont expect anything just play well ang=d win games

                                                    drex kun

                                                      i won 5/10


                                                        i like the you need to win games in recalibrationto gain mmr..stats padder in recalibration are no ruins the recalibration games tbh..carries are afk farming and joining team fights when they are 6 slotted and blame team when they lose..supports are farming and doesnt even want to die for the team when need coz it will ruin the kda..and buying wards and using heal doesnt show or proof of any skills you have ingame..there are a lot to improve ofc just like increasing recalibtration games..20-25 games or more is need i think...

                                                        drex kun

                                                          so when is the calibration hmm


                                                            Never coming