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General DiscussionSometimes you just have to play a game on your 1.5k smurf to remember...

Sometimes you just have to play a game on your 1.5k smurf to remember how fun Dota can be in General Discussion
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    Played a game on my smurf intending to start trying to drive the mmr lower again through afk riki so I could observe more lower level play. Luckily this game was still low enough level for the skill to be pretty bad. Eg PL and drow safe losing the lane to a solo venomancer level bad lol.

    Anyway since we started dominating early game I basically just started helping out if I happened to be nearby. Eg saw the Qop mid dive our pudge so tped in, was able to help him secure a kill on her. Then just stuck around mid not showing myself and killed her again when she blinked on pudge again lol. It was so fun roaming about just looking for kills (which is what almost everyone else on my team were doing). Went a jokey aura item build so I could help push lanes without showing and help in teamfights.

    Was actually smiling and laughing while playing this match - I cannot remember the last time I smiled and laughed while playing a super tryhard match on my main account. I reckon everyone should try it sometime :)


      xD thats rly funny man laughed while reading this post keep the good content up

      Smile Protector

        0/10 no dagon


          Dagon into rapier is the build my dude .

          Suck my tiny curry dick

            Your mains pretty shitty so why smurf? What’s the difference between main and smurf? 500 mmr?


              Idk parma said that 1k is harder than 3k
              When im using my smurf 1k i go tryhard 1vs9 with invoker while in my main i just chill with riki and let my team win my game

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                I'll actually do this soon, never played invoker and started at 4k isnt the best I presume.

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                  I love 1k mmr, I got a new 1k smurf, I named it "Born to be Herald"


                    random bump :D


                      its very fun indeed and i get reported

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                        1k is harder than 3k


                          hehe epic.!

                          Sanft & Sorgfältig

                            I got 100 kills as ursa in 3 games on my 3k smurf.


                              Let's be friends.

                              Jack Attack

                                I played a game at my friends house on his steam as phantom lancer. Went 29-1 1500gpm felt good.


                                  Smurf? Or you main account? Dont fool us.

                                  Von Darkmoor

                                    I think the game take into account your number of games played and not just rank thats why you apperntly get so bad people

                                    Me and my mate have herald 3 and i got 597 mmr in team mmr not sure if its guardian or not.

                                    Point being we dont get these type of teams despite being lower so no your rating doesnt have as much to do with it as the few number of games you have on your smurf.

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