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Sanft & Sorgfältig

    I know i Suck at dota but how is it possible i get worse and worse after every game i play. Its like i can See A lot of my misatkes but i keep doing the same miskates over and over again. If Been 5500 mmr in dec. 2016 and right now im 3900 and keep Losing every game.


      SOLO MMR

      How were you 5500 mmr?


        it's almost impossible to drop from 5.5k to 3k (and i doubt that you are 3.9k I think you are at 2k-3.4k) the only way I see it is you either bought your account or got boosted.

        Sanft & Sorgfältig

          Its Not my Main


            er go watch good people replays,you should be able to discern wat is good to do and you copy them


              ‘It’s not my main’ is the excuse that 95%+ of trash bags have here, in an attempt to hide the embarrassing display that is their game performance.

              Suck my tiny curry dick

                It’s ok to admit you bought the account

                Sanft & Sorgfältig

                  ^^ huge Word for your Performances in normal skill games bratan.


                    Assuming that’s aimed at me, they’re normal because they’re unranked and I’m playing with friends to teach them the game, as in basic mechanics of what the hell dota 2 is. You’ll notice (if you pay any attention) the same names pop up in those games.

                    I’m often first picking MK in them as it’s to mess around, at which point I get instantly countered in mid and still win vs stacks of similar complexions (normally an ancient player on enemy team + archon/crusader friends)

                    How about we see your 5k rated games? Mine are all out to view. I don’t hide behind a ‘Smurf’

                    Sanft & Sorgfältig

                      "i play with my friends just for fun i dont care haha" thats the Main excuse of every Account buyer that even goes and play unranked games cuz He know He cant win in ranked.


                        what's the point of this thread again?


                          Dotabuff ID of your main.

                          Or else this thread is delusional.

                          Sanft & Sorgfältig

                            I can Post you midones ID and you dont know if its him or Not.
                            What's the point of this. You can try to write some serious stuff or you gtfo. I dont need some random dogs to tell me obvious Shit.


                              What is love


                                If you have a bad game you need to take a little break to get your mind out of the gutter... And reset yourself before and not just queuing into another game already angry as an idiot.


                                  lol it is impossible to drop from 5k to 3k unless you havent play in like 2 years. Im a 4k player myself and im pretty sure i could rekt 3ks


                                    Take a break from dota for 2-3 days then come back again to play. I've gone through that phase where i tilt every game i play and made alot of mistakes. I took a break for a week and then came back fresher than ever.

                                    Sanft & Sorgfältig

                                      Yea ive tryed all of this like stop playing after i lost, i even paused for multiple days, but nothing changes i keep playing like 2k trash.

                                      Maybe its just time for me to quit dotes.


                                        "i play with my friends just for fun i dont care haha" thats the Main excuse of every Account buyer that even goes and play unranked games cuz He know He cant win in ranked.

                                        are you accusing me of account buying? Despite the fact you can see I’m playing many solo ranked games?

                                        Look at my last game?

                                        Maybe its just time for me to quit dotes.


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                                          chill out guys probably just wrong configuration on his RX10000 gaming chair

                                          play for fun

                                            wow another delusional *censored*, u should become friends with that guy "stuck" in 1kmmr


                                              buy a new computer

                                              Ayda Jebaited

                                                It's possible, me myself dropped from 7k to 3k now lol. You believe me right when I said it?


                                                  absolutely not


                                                    Brand new autism right here gents


                                                      U doesn't want to know how I drop every week from stars but give a man break


                                                        Just help poor guy or leave it be

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