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Fuck party, solo is REAL MMR

    Feel like playing more of the fishy centurion since he's comin back
    Not sure what the build is now other than tranquil>blink>fstaff (maybe?)
    Been seeing some people go euls for the invulnerability i think not sure.


      euls gives moevement speed, mana regen and has the same purpose as force.

      Since most of the time you are the guy blinking into heros, it will often result in you eating many spells and just dying. euls can help with that, but it gives a bit more utility than force

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        It doesn’t matter what you play because you will still be bad.


          Roaming slardar can be good fun, not sure if tranquils are needed anymore after the lvl10 talent change, so you can get arcanes or treads depending on your role in the game. Other than blink solar crest and spirit vessel are great items on the hero, maybe even blademail. The good thing about roaming slardar is that if the laning stage goes well, you've got a 4th core on your team that can potentially solokill their glass cannons, but whatever it is that slardar does well tusk does better, so you're better of playing tusk unless slardar fits into the draft

          One True Merchant

            Solar Crest + Haze EZ Rosh


              "whatever slardar does, tusk does better"

              pls explain how tusk helps you kill roshan in 20 seconds or vaporize an enemy hero while your troll is hitting him?


                i used to pick slarder pos4 vs squishy invis cores or if my pos5 had -armor. venge for example. hero can do so much with just boots blink.
                early on you have to find balance between being active and getting a blink. after blink you wanna make sure to have disengagement tools and add some utility.
                i can totally see spirit vessel after force staff being a good item.

                dont buy medallion on support slardar every game please! you dont need to apply -20 armor, your ult is enough in most scenarios. go for it vs sven maybe.

                Mr Niceguy

                  Dont rush blink if u feed a lot, brother. Unlike axe or centaur, these dude has sprint and 70% speed on water

                  Fuck party, solo is REAL MMR

                    I think what he means is that Tusk has better control and also has saving potential and he can also scout without him being in danger himself unlike slardar who has to sprint in order to give vision.

                    (correct me if im wrong)


                      euls for invulnerability. lmao. is this why you are normal skill after all those games mate?


                        everyone knows euls on slardar is to remove silence


                          can we anti-eul on han yolo :D


                            ^not surprised, coming from a silencer spammer.