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General DiscussionSlark offlane is the new meta

Slark offlane is the new meta in General Discussion
Finally Divine Trash

    1. He has good hp regen
    2. He has a strong dispel
    3. He has a undispellable disable
    4. He has a passive that helps him trade in 1v1s

    Oh LC does all of that but doesnt feed 15 times... Uh nevermind then...


      He has a passive that helps him trade in 1v1s

      Offlane is not a 1v1 xd


        SOLO MMR


          Nice shitpost


            1934 M A T C H M A K I N G P O I N T S

            Finally Divine Trash



                +lc has longerange nuke that gives him ms to get the hell out of bad situation+lc's impact isn't that much dependent on items+...

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                  Kishō Arima

                    5) He has invis that can't be detected so he's unkillable. Best offlane

                    demons sing love songs

                      stop bullying my boy qmaster pls ty

                      oof ow ouchie

                        CALLED LC A MAN LOOOOOL 4Head

                        demons sing love songs

                          i like how u were just an annoying retard but then got gradually bullied into becoming a much more annoying retard that is also extremely agrressive - all in a span of a year

                          demons sing love songs

                            it was a joke btw
                            i actually dont like it at all

                            Finally Divine Trash

                              Who mes? I'm a good boy sir. An honest 2k who dont do nothin wrongs


                                Its crusader gaming guys, everything can work there, even my lich mid stomps people there xD

                                demons sing love songs

                                  Who mes? I'm a good boy sir. An honest 2k who dont do nothin wrongs

                                  no quarter

                                  ure a good lad <3

                                  not arin

                                    maybe dotabuff forums are just a social experiment

                                    demons sing love songs

                                      unsuspecting indian boy ebcomes a victim of a BRUTAL social experiment at dotabuff set up by INHUMAN staff members

                                      Finally Divine Trash

                                        Probably the most truthful comment here dude

                                        oof ow ouchie

                                          Wait r u talking abt me

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                                            I mean I guess Bryant threw a temper tantrum but we cool now

                                            Suck my tiny curry dick

                                              I hope you guys aren’t talking about me.


                                                Washed up don't you have empty roads to poop on boy, stop pooping all over dotabuff :(

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                                                  Straighter than your Dick :3

                                                    Undispallable disable? Since when?

                                                    BUILD THAT WALL

                                                      Yes good idea. You have inspired me
                                                      Divine 1 players

                                                      Tonitrus(Pt meme player)

                                                        Riki offlane is more viable xD

                                                        Spotlight uh Moonlight uh...

                                                          He’s also squishy as shit

                                                          O N N E T B O Y Z ™

                                                            I'll have you know... taken Slark to the offlane and only fed 14 times, so jokes on you!

                                                            Tonitrus(Pt meme player)

                                                              ^14 times in 10 mins xD