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General Discussion2k is too ez. How is 3k different from 2k ?

2k is too ez. How is 3k different from 2k ? in General Discussion
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      pretty damn sure anything below divine 5 is ez mode


        2k basically has no tp supports, few wards, bad detection usage if at all. 3k is better but not consistent in these aspects.
        slow hands are a staple in 2k, as is terrible decision making and farm, even compared to 3k.
        People lack knowledge of advanced and some basic mechanics, expect single pulls and no stacks - 2k.
        Inconsistent in mechanics, likely know theory but cannot apply it, or other way around - 3k.
        Expect few rotations, if at all - use this to your advantage 2k/3k.
        People can't deal with ratdota in 2k, better in 3k but a good rat will still shit on a 3k team.
        ofc drafting is bad in both, worse in 2k
        People are able to work better together in 3k, less egoistic people in 3k, if you can lead, do so in 3k.
        PS for SEA server you'll need a good k/d (a doesn't count) if you want to even try to lead, but don't make it overt that you're kill stealing.


          16 Days and OP still not 3k?



            Wahaahhah how's your MMR, mister?


              Why so many blue stars on the forum recently?

              Potato Marshal

                Because they keep lowering the prerequisites


                  I'll still get blue star in 2090 though


                    "2K so easy can't wait to get to 3K"
                    We're waiting :thinking:


                      It's sad that op was bragging about how easy his bracket is. But he failed to climb out.

                      Nasir Khan Jan

                        Currently at 2.6K. I'm getting there.

                        джерáрд ебаный путь

                          IMO there is no difference in "real" players of this rating, but on 3k there are more boosters