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Should I make a new account? in General Discussion

    When I first played Dota, I was being ignorant when my friends told me to play the tutorial first, because I really wanted to try a real match. I kept playing and playing, yet still being a noob I am. When I got to lv. 20, one of my friends told me not to play ranked mmr first, as I'll calibrate it really low because I had just started playing.

    Feels awful that I didn't listen to him, I didn't even hesitate to click on the play ranked match button. My party mmr got 1.6k (now 3.1k), my solo was 1.1k (went down to 800, but got up until 1.4k, down again, back to 1.1k again). I felt really sad, like I'd expect I'd get 2k, as in, the average mmr, but there's really nothing else I can do anymore, instead of just playing, is there?

    I got a long losing streak right now. Previously I played as an LC, AM, and CM. Look, I don't want to be the kind of person who just blames on her teammates. But I can't make a difference because my Lion (never supports, only ksing) and my Juggernaut were AFKing. I also got a 5-15 mid PA who never looks at my ward, and blames his team. I tried everything, carrying, ratting, supporting. Am I really that bad?

    Is there a way for me to get out from this 1k loop? Should I just make a new account? Please tell me that only 0-1k players are like this. If you can, could I have a tip for playing better?


      Play a snowballing mid like storm, ember or etc.
      I wouldnt exaclty recommend playing AM if your teammates dont know the game as well as you do.
      Or yes, make a second account.
      Remeber. Dont flame them and try to help them.

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      Positive Mental Attitude

        Yes make new account.


          calibration doesn't mean anything, there's a lot of chance you'll get back to 1k in your second account.
          Also it's really easy to climb up mmr at this level once you've find a good stomper heroe


            the highest a smurf would take u is 500 mr higher than ur main unless u are stomping in ur main acc.
            just learn the game instead of playing it...
            stop the lc jungle spam thingy it hurts ur team more than u think..if u like lc take her offlane she is very strong..if u dont know how u would lane her offlane then watch a couple high mmr replays and learn can easily take u out of 1k if you play her correctly and dont let ur team play 4v5 for first 10 mins


              dont make a new acc! Dont listen to trolls! Pick a troll youself and climb!


                How you expect to get 2k+ if u keep on dropping on 1k matches ?

                Play mid.

                i<3BMS(rhymtm gamer)!!

                  you won't get anywhere


                    @stan It doesn't matter. My last lc was offlane and dominated the lane. Nothing changes, really.


                      Tinker and NP abandoned in my last game. I don't get it.


                        @Lex I'll do that in my last game today, which is exactly right now.



                          I usually don't open my mouth unless they do it first. Tbh I don't get it sometimes why they're so angry when I make a single mistake when I was the one carrying the whole game.


                            if you can't learn to grind mmr you're never gonna improve.


                              Please don't take this the wrong way, am new to dota as well.

                              If you don't know:
                              How to ride a bike.
                              How to play the piano.
                              How to drive a car.

                              Will getting a new bike, piano oe car help?


                              Would it be better to learn how to ride a bike?, play the piano or drive a car?

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                                i'd love to see you learn to play the piano without any music sheets.

                                Lone Dog

                                  When I started playing dota I didn't know what I was doing so I played ranked as soon as it was available to me, which resulted in me calibrating to around 2.0k flat. I didn't make a new account primarily because I had all my cosmetics on it.

                                  Glad I didn't too. If you aren't winning games at a certain mmr range then you're definitely not any more likely to win them on another account.
                                  Don't waste your time and git gud.


                                    @Lex Hey, thanks man. I played my Void at mid just now. WR and Snip wanted mid but I insisted on doing so. I'm glad I took mid because Storm knew how to play, he was just not fed.

                                    I Keel Ded Peepul

                                      Search for a new game maybe :thinking:
                                      LOL perhaps

                                      I Keel Ded Peepul

                                        I was like you once.. Then,, I decided to quit dota... I got back tho..

                                        I Keel Ded Peepul

                                          If you create a new account,, atmost you'll get high 1k...why waste time on a new account when you can improve yourself as a player.. Find your most comfortable heroes for each roles and play your best in a game.. You'll lose some games solely because of your teammates but you can play decent during those circumstances too. Evaluate yourself based on what your teammates were like.. Did I play on par considering my teammates behaviours? If not, what went wrong?? What could I have done? Is my CS good enough for this bracket? Am I dying too much?
                                          Was my decision-making spot-on?

                                          If I get matched with these retards who have same or even higher mmr than me then Am I that bad??

                                          Find your weakness and mistakes.. And admit it that you have much to learn and a lot of room to improve..

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                                          Dota machanic

                                            We all did that. I calibrated at 1.3k and thought "I don't belong here, I calibrated too fast"
                                            You will get destroyed if you play in higher mmr. Just get better, it is hard to lose games in 1k


                                              @intp bullshit I remember last year I went from 1.2k(Main Account) to 3.9k(Smurfy smurf account calibrated at 3.7k). That's like 2.7k difference.


                                                i would recommend anyone below 2k mmr to make a new account to try to get higher because honestly you learn the game wrong by playing down that low. and yes if youre stuck there it does mean youre that bad at the game but its pretty ez to move up from there watch some streamers that actually try to explain what theyre doing and what theyre thinking when they make the plays they make. once you actually become better than your mmr wins are so ez. i went back to my first account and went from 2.2 to 2.9 with no losses so you can do it too!


                                                  Redskipper, while I don't disagree that players would learn better at higher skilled games, I disagree that making a new account is a good solution.

                                                  New accounts cause huge unbalances in the ELO system. Arpad Elo designed his similar rating system for professional chess players, who play hundreds to thousands of games a year. The way it is set up, the less games have been played, the more deviations and inaccuracies exist.

                                                  Playing with good players may be good for you, but when newer players play ranked games at levels for which they don't belong, they ruin the game for the 9 other players because the system doesn't properly estimate that players skill. Those 9 others are playing ranked to win; they're not there to teach you. If you want to feel immersed in a high leveled environment, watching these players play is much better than playing with them.

                                                  My point is that people should stick to the one account they started with. As long as you play enough games, you will eventually find the level you belong; if you don't have the time to do so, I think unranked is a much better option. Abusing the ELO system's starting inaccuracy for personal achievement is one of the reasons why ranked MMR is currently so unbalanced.


                                                    how is mmr unbalanced? the only place where its unbalanced is the 4k-5k range where so many accounts are sold and it makes a lot of games really unfun to play when you get an obvious account buyer on the team. only reason people say mmr isnt fair is cause theyre stuck somewhere they belong. watch bsj's 2k mmr to 6.5k mmr account streams if they still exist he only started losing at 4k mmr when he played heroes he wasnt comfortable on. if youre genuinely better than your mmr its a breeze to go up. learning the game properly at a perhaps slightly higher mmr by smurfing is a decent way to learn, just dont buy an account cause youll ruin peoples games and you wont learn anything at all by playing too high up.


                                                      I did the same thing, in the old client as soon as I reached lvl 13 I played ranked, got put into 1.4K. I didn't touch ranked for the longest time because of how mad I was at how I "undercalibrated". For 2 years I just played unranked pubs, either solo or party. I'd party with 3K, 4K friends sometimes, I'd get destroyed those games but my teammates would carry me. I learned the game through there. When I finally felt ready, I played solo ranked again, and my MMR shot up. I'm now 3.2K
                                                      So don't make a new acct, you really have to put in the time fo improve


                                                        I would recommand to git gud before making a new account.
                                                        After that you make a new account and then you will calibrate with other smurf (they will all ask for middle) and maibe some newbe that are playing for the first time.
                                                        Those that didn't git gud will go back to their real MMR but since you git gud everything will be fine for you