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General DiscussionHows the Dota scene in the US?

Hows the Dota scene in the US? in General Discussion

    Moving there next year to further my education, just wondering how popular dota is among the people there.
    Thanks in advance.



      You're coming to study. Focus on that. Don't waste your time.

      To answer your question - dota is hugely popular among the player base who play it (which is large), but general public overall is oblivious to it (counter strike, league of legends, world of warcraft are more well known).


        donta scene in the us is a joke, same as it has always been

        i think i failed to summon kitrak to shitpost smthng about na dota for 4-5 times in a row at this point, so im not sure why am i even commenting


          anymore opinions?

          i<3BMS(rhymtm gamer)!!

            You're coming to study. Focus on that. Don't waste your time.

            Also I doubt it's big


              You will meet like one person per year that plays dota lol .


                Oh well, there goes the future girlfriend watching me show off my skills


                  NA anything Jebaited

                  Dire Wolf

                    You won't have trouble finding matches but yeah it's not like wow where literally everyone on college campus played. If you want that kind of experience get like destiny or madden or even the new zelda. Americans are obsessed with consoles for some reason.




                        like sent said, focus on learning not dota.

                        if your going to play, learn Spanish and prepare for lots of crying, upset epeens and ragers... just like any other region.


                          Console shits like cod and shit r more popular


                            its good, u could join there easy


                              Kitrak is too busy actually doing something related to pro Dota. Lul


                                i recently played a game on us east, my ping is still ok

                                carry was a retarded russian, we lost


                                  First of all, GL with your education fellow SEA-an
                                  If you're willing to wait 30 minutes for a game, enjoy free MMR I guess? Long wait times, especially USW, but people there aren't that good, for sure. You can handle the toxicity, you're from SEA lol


                                    ^u don't even play in na, no one has 30 min queue times


                                      Singsong would rather play SEA than NA.


                                        > plays in SEA (3rd world)

                                        > moves to US for studies (rare opportunity + moving to 1st world)

                                        > first thing that comes to mind "CAN I FIND FRIENDS WHO PLAY doTA?!??!"


                                          whatever makes you happy dude, but just FYI, not all SEA countries are 3rd world.


                                            seaweed is 50% sea 50% weed...use that to ur advantage in the us ;)


                                              SOLO MMR

                                              'pro dota'



                                                Stentotian answered it pretty well the fanbase is big but not comparable to those of the other games like cs go cod and pubg. Like 5 out of 100 ppl will know of it and only 1 of those 5 actually play it and is an enthusiast about it.


                                                  @FeelsBadMan I used to queue US West along with SEA, and sometimes get it. But I think it's that patch that makes games geographically-based, which is why I can no longer do so. So I get long AF queue times when I try to queue NA only, and still don't get a match. I just based my comment off of that.

                                                  Dire Wolf

                                                    well us west is a lot less populated than us east

                                                    Jack Attack

                                                      Us east is far more populated. If you try to mention it to anyone they will simply laugh at you and say league of legends is better. The queue times are not bad. I hear SEA is more toxic and EU is less toxic so it's a middleground. Also I hope u speak spanish.

                                                      Dire Wolf

                                                        I know even less people who play league than dota. Quite a few dabble in hearthstone or overwatch.


                                                          ^mostly overwatch, pugb, hearthstone, cod
                                                          league seems to be more popular, based on people i know who play it, but they tend to be more casual and/or not play anymore