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    This is one of the most powerfully imba heroes.

    1st skill - gives vision, knocks out side creeps and heroes if not stunned or controlled

    2nd skill- boost walk speed of allies

    3rd skill - imba stun, its the animation that kills

    4th skill - stun that push you back with at least 3-4 sec of heavy disable.

    i have seen a guy who isn't very good at but spamming this heroes and reach almost 6k.

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      I also noticed lately that sb is cancer again


        I remember the old times where a sb with madness could solo kill anyone in the map
        good times


          with 33% of bash chance, why the hell not

          Whatever it Takes

            I love sb that hear my call. I had a game where enemy sf feed 10 times in 10 min

            1-IceTea 🌟

              Spirit cancer

              pawn 1

                i knew sb was top tier ever since i got buttfucked by it when i played gyro a couple months ago


                  He also counters Riki harder than any other hero which is why I always ban him if I play Riki or any invisible hero. He is also extremely durable early in the game. Starts with 5 armor and a ton of HP.


                    yea i lost 3 raneda in row vs sb recently xD so anoying


                      sb is very imba as pos 4, play it before valve nerf him to death

                      carry water

                        against this hero buy force staff and push him to u. ez cow


                          I was godlike on this hero by like 15 minutes and somehow we still managed to lose. Probably because my carries sucked. Also slightly because I itemized wrong and don't play sb much.

                          Hatsune Miku

                            he got the most annoying bash next to cockwork


                              Sb is definitely back...i solo killed am at 30 mins with a few lucky bashes

                              Killing Injoker-

                                I think new meta on spirit breaker is smart he can flew away with blademail and shadow blade


                                  I definitely hate having someone ram my back in the midlane 10 minutes in

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                                    i just realized ogre is a pseudo barathrum


                                      To me he seeems the most powerful early game hero. At lvl 6 he is insane compared to most others.


                                        I think it's pretty dumb that he gains vision around the target as well as the target itself...flying vision even, if I recall correctly.

                                        Kill twice in 80 seconds ...

                                          What made him good? After echo sabre was introduced?
                                          Is it because the playstyle of 7.00 suits him a lot?
                                          20 ms or 5 stats talent tho?


                                            It might be the +500 ms charge talent, logic (presumably flawed!) as follows:

                                            1) hes insanely strong in the laning phase because of starting stats and ability to gank very effectively from lvl 3.

                                            2) he drops off later because taking one opposing hero out of a 5 man is nowhere near as good as taking one out of a two man lane.

                                            3) +500ms naturally boosts his ability to get across the likely much more open lategame map to qucikly get to an isolated opponent or push lanes.

                                            Could also be the bounty runes making the time betweem ganks when he is hanging around midasing that bit more profitable.

                                            Finally his gold talent allows him to snowball an early game lead into a late game one. Obviously if you dont manage that you are completely screwed anyway.

                                            Just my 2p.

                                            carry water

                                              is this the disruptive pilot patch? xd


                                                If Enchantress had a talent that gives her 10 000 000 damage on level 25 she would still have 40% win rate because that's not how stats work.

                                                Kaptain KKona

                                                  6.78 SB
                                                  never forget


                                                    Inane and untrue statement Luxon. Thabks for showing up though.

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                                                      @PadForce, right. Because everyone would take her mid, rush Midas and win every game :D Luxon forgot his brain for that post.


                                                        Sb is weak as fuck and i know i'm gonna sound crazy but it feels like there was a mystical nerf to his bash damage and cd. I still believe that they don't anounce every change in patches's notes.You could even run him mid and get away with it sometimes but now he's viable only as a combo paired with a naix. Don't let magina farm that fury my boys.

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                                                          Hes been same for aegis all buff/nerfs were minor.Very good hero, not much like him play lately but insta pick io when he is in my team i know its going to be super fun game for me😊 you can actually take a ride with sb aprox 2/3 of map and kill any hero on map if is solo.Retarded is going to be if you both rush dagon.


                                                            I still believe that they don't anounce every change in patches's notes.

                                                            If I remember correctly rubick were silently nerfed back in 6.85 or smth
                                                            Something about unable to have the ability to proc spells that synergize with each other or something, I don't know, I might be wrong

                                                            Whatever it Takes

                                                              They clearly stated the changes but you need to look carefully

                                                              New Hero OP

                                                                im hoping he doesnt get nerfed, but hes a free mmr climber. tranqs midas shadow blade = win.

                                                                Jack Attack

                                                                  I have also noticed spirit breaker is making a comeback. Your team needs space early game? He's your man.