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    first cm


      btw kotl with 44% winrate buy , OD king of the patch sell? were you drunk or what?

      The Makings of a Varsity ...

        Buy Disruptor. Steady. I like this stock.


          can u really say od is getting nerfed 100%? I mean icefrog has left some things broken for a good while, like necrobook and snap aghs. the frog works in mysterious way. you can't deny that





              aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                I wish everyone who see this have a nice day!

                jk you will be losing 10 ranked games in a row.


                  Certainly skills/items can be left un-nerfed for awhile, as it is only a single broken aspect of the game however in OD's case his stats overall are too OP which pretty much guarantees a nerf in the upcoming patch. He has high base hp, base movement speed, a saving mechanism which also works as a setting mechanism and even has overall high damage output without much items.

                  elder doge

                    Shadow Shaman stronk rajt now


                      One hex from Lion and then dirty Finger and puck chilling at the tavern.


                        Actually so bad article


                          This is really just off the mark, some of the dumbest takes I have read in a while, in a format that references a meme that is weeks old at this point, and largely dead. It's cringe, the information is either incorrect or pure speculation, and it misleads whatever minor % of the community still relies on these articles for useful content for their games

                          a$ap vaL

                            XD od is trash

                            1989 天安門大屠殺

                              i feel like riki is good this patch, tho it prolly doesnt deserve to be in the op or nerfed list


                                ОД все еще может дать прикурить как тройка и четверка. Шаман действительно не для слабых.

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