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    And one day, ES and Morphling combo will die
    soon enough




        I fear incoming nerfs again for my boy kunkka .

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          You can trust your favorite heroes to be dumpstered hard in the next patch. That's a given...

          But really? Tanky offlane hero reign over? What is this blasphemy??? So where do the tanky initiators play then? Don't this reign will ever end until they had a few new neutral camps for extra gold and punish people for killing the other team... I certainly don't want to see a farming Enchantress ever again... That hero is so bs... Also, Tinker breaks too many rules of the game... He needs to go as well.

          Most exciting thing about a big patch always is, to me, the new skills and reworks of the heroes that are barely picked and have low win percentages... This what really kicks off the new meta as Dark Seer suddenly jumps to the top of the charts or something crazy like that.

          And hopefully we get new talents to choose from... Maybe you can pick from 3 or more choices as there are plenty of empty levels after 16.


            брюмасту апнете спс


              Keep tinker way down there. He tilts me.
              Storm spirit can stay down there too.
              Really the only heroes that tilt me so this wasn't a bad patch.


                up storm and voker plesae and nerf combo shaker + morph


                  Your TI9 predict sucks

                  Konec Эlektroniki

                    ^you^ again?

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