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    Team Solid / Team Gas?


      My boi arteezy got some new frends.


        its not Phillopino, its Filipino.


          From my point of view, Sumail has been playing more aggressively, and doing it in-style, compared to Abed in general (most of the time). That created space for Arteezy to grew in the shadows of fog until he's up and ready. Yes, in this regard, I mean Sumail is a better space creator for Arteezy than what Abed would probably able to provide (as I predict it might be).

          It's arguable that Sumail took up more priority 'unnecessarily' and eats up Arteezy's rations. And even if that's the case, in my opinion, this was not the problem. Nor was what happened with LGD, whom Somnus and Ame brought them 2nd and 3rd placed finish of TI8 and TI9 this similar way. To only lose to a bizarrely ingenious OG.

          The current meta revolves so much around tempo and map control, and if both main cores are the type of a more 'reserved-styled' players (like how I see Abed and Arteezy is), I don't really see a better future for EG either. Well, though they've also replaced S4 with Ramzes which (I guess) could probably be the answer to an extra spark the EG team has had searching for all these time from the position 3 since the era of Saahil Universe. But it remains to be seen if it will really produce the quality up close to the expected level of results.

          Hence, I still pretty much doubt whether this new EG would be able to surpass the previous 3rd and 5th placed of TI8 and TI9 finish which Sumail and S4 had delivered. But I do hope they prove me wrong, and wish we're in for a ride to a fresh new toast and twist come TI10.

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            This is a horribly written article...
            Aside from the fact that you just missed Geekfam's recruitment of Kuku, Raven, DuBu, Xepher and Ryoya, or failed to look at the new rosters of Na'Vi, TNC, Fnatic...
            You use competitive earnings and Liquipedia pages as the basis of one's potential, current skill, etc. What sort of journalism and research is that? Friendly reminder, Topson had earned less than 5000 dollars in prize before TI8.
            It's full of grammatical errors, and shows clear bias towards Aster and EG as the "big name" teams.
            Please, Dotabuff, you're far better than this.

            what is core pepega

              WH OMEGALUL ?

              Mutual funds Expert

                Its Peenoise


                  Trash article MingLee author


                    Sorry folks, I will do a better job for the next article!

                    pablo memzobar

                      I thought this was good @yongelee


                        Maybe update article with new roster changes pls

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