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    Let's Go Liquid!


      Great Dota to watch no doubt! The OG games are silly/intense to watch and so far the LGD and Vici games have been pure technical materpieces. I am surprised by INF making it and they are the true underdog story so far. Best of luck to all remaining in the next few days.

      Due to time zone I get to watch the 1st match and last match of each day live....the rest on replays if I have time. Wish I could see more live....


        Так то один из топовых интов по интересным картам. В каждой игре куча камбеков и хрен пойми кот победит.


          Infamous vs Newbee were very painful too watch. Infamous is doing great kiting against Yawar's Sven and Hector performance was really outstanding. Trully an underated team. I always like underdogs team playing since their game are either getting stomped or they pulled some Deus ex machina an goes full anime win

          PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming is a very clean game indeed. No throne rush, no comeback (maybe net worth swing but still not that interesting) but it was proof that Papparazi can't win this game alone

          Mineski vs Secret will be the best match in the day 3's performance, perhaps even the whole match. It's almost a David vs Goliath (eventually Goliath wins), the game is very hard that Secret had to ditch any Yapzor's other hero and goes for Rubick in all 3 game. 3 comebacks proven that Dota has no room for any mistake anymore.

          The last but not least, OG vs Evil Geniuses was a very interesting clash. But the summary is RTZ slipped from the top carries into depth of 20 minute BF AM and proceed to farm for the rest of the game to bought BKB only to die easily afterwards (well can't blame him either, since no space created by S4 as well)