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    heck yeah first!


      damn i had to sign in to comment would of got first if that did not lose me precious time

      Red Bull

        you didnt mention phoenix, naturally i will pick phoenix to counter this kind of carry

        ♏ikeeCS ツ

          Once I as KoTL died in fight against PA in one hit-dagger,
          buy back immadiately and died back again with another one hit-dagger.

          Unknown R

            Póde Pá

            Hope Bones5

              Op yes?, god tier not really unless magnus is added then its just rough life

              सिद्धार्थ পাল

                Replace the insane evasion skill of PA with some thing which is does not fade off when enemy gets mkb, and is not ridiculously OP in early stages like the current blur.

                FULL SEND

                  get Razor


                    Should be dealing with magnus tbh.
                    Magnus is far more powerful in this meta as he can be more annoying.


                      Why are these "first" posters allowed to post again? Nobody will ever give a shit, or remember, hell, even LOOK at your wacky little accounts, what do you think being first accomplishes?

                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                        Ghost scepter is super important to win against PA. Keep in mind, however, that PA will eventually be getting a Nullifier, at which point your better defense will be the glimmer cape. Still, the amount of escapes you will be able to perform and the aggressiveness that allows your team during the time before the Nullifier is bought will more than make up for the cost of the item. It forces PA to always travel with a stunning partner as you can just ghost form TP if she goes in alone.

                        new say

                          I agree about Magnus being the problem. But why no one mentions armor?


                            Rng based hero, no skill or game knowledge needed to play. Crits every two hits when playing against you, never crits when you play as her.


                              But please icefrog, dont nerf her, going to buy an arcana soon




                                  It really need a good magnus to truly shine..

                                  Lolos dari Jurang Ancient

                                    I don't need this!
                                    I need "how to dealing with Slark"
                                    My Lion can not hex him down now.


                                      Bristleback shits on her in lane, is a natural heavens halberd and crimson guard builder (which means she needs far more time to burst down supports) and can mostly tank her damage output.

                                      LC and Axe are also fairly common.

                                      Core WR isnt bad vs her either.

                                      Also, I dont think that PA wants to deal with a slark very much.


                                        Brock Hall you really have no idea do you? "PA will eventually get nullifier" - PA has got nullifier a total of 136,000 times in 7.20, compared to Desolator nearly 9 million times. That's less than 1.5% of matches with Nullifier to matches played. Go and do some 2k maths.

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                                          I think below ancients shouldn't even be allowed to post comments on this thread. So many wannabe pro crusaders and guardians...


                                            I agree on disallowing below Ancients to post mainly for the fact that they have little to no game sense.

                                            Change my mind.


                                              PA is not going to get Nullifier, she is going to get Abyssal Blade so she can stun you with dagger.

                                              The problem is that Ghost Scepter and Glimmer Cape are not as effetive against her as it should be. Glimmer has 0.6 fade time so she usually can hit the dagger before you fade and Ghost Scepter does not prevent the slow, so either way you get stuck in place for 4 seconds, then she just wait it out and kill you.

                                              If you looked in the heroes statics you would see that PA biggest winrate advantage is against Beastmaster. So no, he is definitly not countering her at all. Why? Because PA buys Battlefury and murders all his summons with her triple dagger if he tries to push, also his summons can not hit her anyway even if she gets stunned. Same reason why PA also have a big winrate advantage against Visage.

                                              Magic burst heroes like Lina, Skywrath or Zeus are decent at killing her, but the other way around is also true. So a true counter would have to be something with lots of magic damage burst and high armor.

                                              What you should actually suggest is Morphiling, Timbersaw, Gyrocopter, Tiny and other heroes with lots of magic burst and high armor. Also heroes that can stop her damage like Pugna, Winter Wyvern and Tinker.

                                              The fact that she requires Monkey King Bar to die is already too much, most of heroes like Beastmaster will never get it so it does not matter how much damage they do because she just wont die. But hey, at least she is not Riki.

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                                              who dat

                                                This is very poorly written.

                                                Pawley Lequa

                                                  real article we want here is like . how to deal with cancer draft like Mag PA , Mag Jugg


                                                    I crawled from Herald 3 to Crusader 1 by picking Axe. Literally in every game there was a PA. Now they just kite me.

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                                                    Ashes. John W33k.

                                                      Once I as KoTL died in fight against PA in one hit-dagger,
                                                      buy back immadiately and died back again with another one hit-dagger.

                                                      ❈︎ HS (Divine This Season) ❈

                                                        i love playing PA.. got 900/950 gpm/xpm with her recently.. just really fun.