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pos 3 only last pick

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      that china dota supermajor invite is really messed up.


        I will never understand the outcry over OG and NAVI invites. It is not only fair from DPC rankings, but also popular teams that attracts viewers.
        People are just throwing around random stats, that would be in favor of their favorite team being invited.
        Being ineligible for TI invite is not something that should stop invites to Majors, as if it was not already bad enough already to make roster changes...


          Error: VGthunder and VGstorm are different teams

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            Wait, wunderkind is an English word?


              Well, its not really, it was adapted like kindergarden & Schadenfreude, because such words never existed in the english language or sound a bit weird ( Wonderchild, wonderkid? weird.). And always remember, the english language evolved from the "angelsachsen" part of todays Germany.


                In all sports. The most popular teams get the greatest coverage. It’s called a business. Personalities and team affiliation are important if you want to make money. Guess what happens if you don’t make money. Then no tournament. It’s fine line that has to be walked between competitive integrity and profitability.

                offlaner ≠ supp

                  @Qazior, @Pos 1 +2: The term "wonderkid" have been used in (association) football to describe a talented young player that have the potential to be one of the best players in the world in the future. I think it originates from the simulator game Football Manager.

                  About the Supermajor invites: did anyone notice that the invited teams were ranked 1-10 in the DPC points BEFORE Dota 2 Asia Championships? If you guys read Wyk's comment in his Facebook post, it was mentioned that the Supermajor organizer have already sent the invites before DAC.

                  ms. noodols

                    that ESL logo on his dick