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Bobby Corwen

    I feel like Zeus has always been ignored in the pro's even though he regularly approaches a 60% winrate in pubs


      til typical huskar builds have no lifesteal


        zeus can achieve 100k dmg easily if game exceed 40 mins

        oh my

          Where is Visage with his 62% mid winrate across all skill levels?

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            Buff for zeus is worst thing after riki buff,zeus was totally fine idn wtf valve doing.

            Jack Attack

              No mention of broken riki

              Articulatio Atlantooccipital

                Leshrac is making his surface on this pro meta
                Broken 55% winrate riki
                Nothing to mention?
                Also iceiceice's pangolier causing everybody first ban pango


                  healthy for pubs xD, Riki is just disgusting

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                    Ever hear about the wonders of infused raindrop? I'm told it completely nullifies Zeus. Then, midgame, go for an EE hood

                    ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                      while Enchantress with several levels into untouchable will most likely have enough time for her heal to kick in and save her.

                      with strafe giving 140 AS at only level 2 i don't know how some points into untouchable (140 slow at level 4) can give her enough time for her heal to kick in Clinz is great vs enchantress cause his high burst damage
                      Ever hear about the wonders of infused raindrop?

                      it won't work vs a zeus that much he just eats away the charges like their nothing with enough mana


                        I wish the screenshot actually showed us what talents he picked. Just the level when he skilled it alone is enough. Should have like '1' or '2' to show which talent he selected on top of the '10', '15',....etc showing which talent level it is.

                        Tonitrus(Pt meme player)

                          Where’s dark willlow?

                          aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                            @herald cancer dark willow is in my house. what kind of question is that fuking legend.

                            your king is here!

                              Да, Клинкз вконец уже заебал

                              Korpus Luteum

                                spammed zeus in 4k, 24 win streak

                                Kopi Cat

                                  Valve shouldnt just buff/nerf the values of heroes' attack, spell damage, status effects, but also rework skills so that they fit into the competitive meta more. Takes alot of work but i think Valve are getting lazy.

                                  Black Capped Chickadee

                                    Is riki broken? Watched my friend in Divine spammed riki for the last 20 match. 16/20 won. Yep it is broken. I tried it, yep it is broken