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    ok but srsly nice article

    SirGueL ™

      Especially when facing enemy with radiance, those reflection is so gooooood

      the walrus

        Good read. Terrorblade nerf incoming ;-)


          I think BH is overrated right now. The only think he provides is vision and a way of benefiting more from potential comebacks at later stages of game. As clearly abused by EG against Newbee in game 2 of esl katowice; this hero has no teamfight, can't pressure the current meta cores (dp, dk, viper, tb) in lane, can't push waves, nor can he defend against enemy pushing towers.

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            @Aristeia imo The roaming-anywhere guy hero is annoying. you always can duo-kill someone , or force 2-3 TP rotation . Mostly team composition that include bh have something to burst hero, this make the team with bh can control the tempo of the game .

            ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

              @Aristeia not every hero is supposed to do damage through bh can also do that and go the carry rode although its mostly not worth it plus a 20% movement increase a guardian greaves, vladimir, sprit vessel, pipe is nothing to ignore during a team fight


                Current meta is somewhat not suited for a BH... roaming 4s usually need more disables ( sb pudge and clock).

                and then again perhaps I shd start playing TB!


                  Finally a Chen mention. Hero is way too underrated.

                  Hopefully more players decide to practice this guy more ^^

                  F E E D O N L Y

                    2k people commenting like a pros. Good job dota 2 community


                      I am a very high 1.2k dota player, an I disagree completely with this article. I think Zeus is the strongest right now. My winrate with him being extremely high is undeniable proof.

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                        Hahaha the comment above me lul


                          Im dead


                            @Fuckdaniel lmao...

                            Black Capped Chickadee

                              alright need to learn how to play chen. I can finally go back to main bh


                                wubba lubba dub dub


                                  5 second sunder is a joke


                                    NOOO! Another Huskar nerf coming in... Damn it.


                                      i've never remember chen to be good at late game, he's always one of those fast push early domination hero

                                      The AfroX

                                        Is it just me, but im winning 6/7 games with Undying playing as support.

                                        ORANGE MAN BAD

                                          @Northway i guess the ts ment that he's not that terrible at late game comparing to all patches before this one. Rodjer did quite well on him in the Katowice finals with 3 dragons

                                          Murdoc Niccals™

                                            What about Tusk ???