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    1st on valentines day. feelsbadmen 😭


      Sure wish I could play with my waifu


        Valentine's day DotA marathon


          I introduced some of my friends to the last TI at a dinner - The opening ceremony just blew them away and I was surprised they actually got hooked by the finals (the sum up) with all the drama, the players, the public and... DAT 10 000 000 prize!!. They just didn't expect something so big about a video game.

          Компуктерный барон

            На данный момент на данный момент - пофиксите масло)


              Relax, Pornhub got a nice Valentines Day offer!


                The Funny part is that they think dota players have a special someone LUL.



                  Save me O'lord

                    Stop reminding me of friends pepehands


                      I don't have friends my age who enjoy this game 😕

                      Japanese Alcoholic

                        I spent the day playing with tryhard friends. Feelsgood.