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    I really hate Lycan and rat doto


      rip eg vs liquid


        Fantastic games and I'm still shocked that Liquid lost ... they were looking unbeatable for a while.


          Mention Newbee naga siren used as post 4 please, that hero makes Liquid lose. I think Newbee's naga strat will dominate the next few tournaments until someone figure out the way to handle with this strategy. Newbee knows how that hero work and if naga is picked by the other team, they know how to handle it (Liquid vs Newbee game 3)


            Ice frog was keeping enweak naga but still a good pick for NB


              Increase Tiny's Tree Grab cooldown from 18/16/14/12 to 21/18/15/12.

              Replace Tiny's Grow Status Resistance with Strenght & maybe give him back "15 base agility and +1.0 agility gain" :3

              [CH] m4rl1n

                Can someone explain me, why Newbee's Naga strat is that good?


                  Made my own little tips and tricks website if anyone is interested about Pub and mmr things! if you fancy checking it out, I'd really appreciate any feedback/criticism no matter how negative!


                    @ dotabits Good idea, since you asked for feedback I would say try to use a more professional WP theme (I can recommend Divi by Elegantthemes), or make sure to fully utilize the current features of the template, try to alternate the alignment of the videos (left side, right side, left side, etc), insert a menu.

                    Regarding the content, you need to expand it, a little too shallow atm to be useful.

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                      @JesterMaroc, awesome thanks for the comments. Was thinking of moving to Divi already so I'm glad you shared the idea!


                        I think naga ensnare may be nerfed

                        Yorak Hunt

                          What were the facebook dramas. I dont have facebook dont and only watched Bulldog twitch and in game.


                            @Paparazzi I think it has to do a lot with who is going to play it, they generally run it with Kaka at 4 and he is an excellent Naga player as support. Naga I think has the biggest advantage to initiate fights, reset fights or just be used as defensively. Not to mention his net pierce through bkb. It's illusions could be used for scouting all the time. If you farm scepter then you can heal your teammates . THere are so many you can do with that hero as of right now. And kaka is amazing at all of the above. But i feel its still very situational hero.



                              Maybe from 650 to 350/450/550/650

                              Because she is a melee hero after all :D :3


                                Naga is a she not he.


                                  I appreciate your article KawaiiSocks; however, I didn't see any mention of Naga Siren. Do you have anything to say about this hero?