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    Anyone knows how manta interact with his ult? and Nethertoxin to his dragon blood?


      [...] an ultimate that turns him into a dragon. The latter part might sound exciting on paper, but it is far from it in an actual game

      Coolest spell in da game.


        For his ult, reduce the duration, increase the manacost and increase the cooldown but give him free movement.


          he is a balanced hero, really needs his ult to fight properly


            The only melee hero that can zone out a sniper in a 1v1 lane. Pure awesomeness

            carry water

              Sentences like "Blink Dagger is a vastly superior initiation item" are mildly triggering, you are not buying shadow blade to initiate teamfights against real players

              Addicted to the illusion

                I find shadow blade actually very weak on him, drums blink just seems to rest the case in terms of tankiness, mobillity and siege power. Still though, consider shadow blade before/ after blink if you are facing high mobility heroes.


                  Elder Dragon Form cooldown from 100 to 145/140/135 seconds (6.51 patch reverse) :3

                  And we gucci xd

                  Ayase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                    We need a aghs upgrade. Like a Elder Black Dragon. Which, poison the target, splash damage, slow, and a fucking 200% critical on 30% chance.


                      It took me 4K games to learn that holding alt also self-casts similar to double tap... I accidentally imprisoned myself at the worst time against a DK. q-q


                        I am using him more lately because of the talent and laning stage.


                          Manta in dragon form creates dragon illlus with its advantages.
                          It can be situationally game changing, especially when enemy has little AoE and a lot of single target skills.

                          Which reminds me, I just used it in my last game, and did one hell of a 3-man-wipe when walked on enemy, and Shadow Shaman couldn't disable my main body.

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                          got coke so I got hope

                            He's a good pos 2

                            Sleight of My Fist In You...

                              not flashy???
                              hahahahahaha try going up against a late game dk with ac heart mjollnir and bkb in dragon form, dont think there is a bigger hero form in the game with those gigantic wings, you'll turn tail and run like his bitch

                              MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                @LF terraria teammate

                                Are you buying it to initiate against fake players? What's your version of why people buy shadowblade?

                                Sunset Stalker

                                  DK always lacked damage, compared to other carries.
                                  Indeed. the recent version changed this..

                                  As mentioned he has strong talents, and the new mana (and health) regen formula should also be welcome to that low int hero.
                                  One Bloodthorn, gives him mana and additional DPS.
                                  He now can become a strong carry.
                                  And another 40 damage 800HP talent at level 25.

                                  Agreed, hes not as tanky as an Abaddon or Tide, therefore he is not mana dependant, and in worst case he can pick up a Soul Ring to spam Fire breath.

                                  + strong early game
                                  + strong talents
                                  + mana problems solved through new mana formula and (somewhat new) items e.g. Bloodthorn

                                  Hes not the flashiest, but his fire breath with some additional hits can still clear a wave.
                                  Lets say, at least he doesnt need a battlefury for that.

                                  If DK is OP, maybe buff his counters. e.g. make Heartpiercer pierce spell immunity, add more items for break (maybe add break into urn).


                                    Reduce his lvl. 20 talent from +150 GPM to +120 GPM and maybe reduce his base armor from 1 to 0 :D :3

                                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                      @Sunset Stalker

                                      Break into urn would massively overpowered. Items have a necessary expense to them that provides value to the base skills and their counters. In other words, Bristleback would never be picked if he could be countered by such a cheap item. The fact that it costs so much to temporarily counter his strongest aspects makes him a valuable pick. A cheaper item would make it far easier to negate heroes that have much stronger passives, such as Drow or Beastmaster, who all have two passives that are fundamental to their design.

                                      That's just an example, not an opinion on the current stregnth of these heroes per se, but the same formula could apply to DK here. With that in mind, what would be better is to lower the impact of his passives, or lower slightly the price of items that apply break. Nullifier comes to mind for's just too expensive right now.

                                      Heen Ka Lee

                                        Мид он не проигрывает, а зачастую и даже выигрывает...

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                                          all you really need is just afk mid for the first 10 min until enemy is diving your teamamtes tower, and get tread drum dagger and armlet, then bkb ofc situation may applied. Shadow blade is rly more of a situation item, i wouldn't rly go for it, maybe against lower rank


                                            totally flexible but apparently you want to get blink and sb on him always... pretty contradictory


                                              The talents at level 20 and 25 are REALLY good. Doubling Dragon Blood and +40 Strength when combined with Heart and AC makes Dragon Knight nearly unkillable. This makes Dragon Knight actually one of the hardest carry heroes in the game, provided he gets sufficient farm. He will outmatch even Sven and Chaos Knight in the very late gem.


                                                Да лох он