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      stop post 1 2 3 please, retard

      Sick Plays
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          Why are you using League of Legens picture of Monkey King? What the fuck?


            dang it now they will use MK again

            ( ง ᵒ̌皿ᵒ̌)ง

              league shit.

              Chuqui です♥

                fucking hero middle liner


                  LMAO LoL's WuKong
                  What a season of troll
                  Well done, Dotabuff!

                  Sleight of My Fist In You...

                    dont blame them for picking LoL's much better than ours


                      it doesn't matter if they pick LOL DOTA OR SMITE MK pict the model it's still the same the cloth's is different tho


                        LoL in our Dotabuff monkaS


                          is that not a league picture


                            delete this post pls

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                            wet popcorn™

                              Jingo Mastery LUL.


                                I fucking love this hero now, he kicks ass 4 win streak with him in the offlane

                                don Juice

                                  boy this guy internship is ending soon thats wukong from league you doughnut


                                    welp, fixed!


                                      Seems like im 1st.


                                        Heroe's ok. Just don't buy battle fury.

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                                          lmfao they changed the picture

                                          Watch your tone Autumn

                                            why is always eggs posting and no one else

                                            The Moral Keegs

                                              what was the original picture>

                                              Goh UniMAP


                                                  Thanks for change of the picture. As for post topic, mk still ruin my games going mid,feeding greatly, then going jungle lul


                                                    На рейтинге до 4 к люди даже не умеют против него стоять на линии, идут с ним в размен по хп и погибают , оч сильный герой


                                                      Jingu mastery, not jingo

                                                      MM.Brock Hall

                                                        Just about every traditional hard carry in the game relies on being immediately effective in fights, and what balances them is often the small things that makes them wait. PA waits for a big coup de grace but blink strike is instant and dagger is very long range and helpful with closing the gap. Lifestealer I don't think has any skills with cast points. AM has small cast points, same with Weaver, but on a carry they feel kind of significant. Slark is just slippery. Drow just needs a good gust and her team can take care of the rest (especially if VS is paired). Ursa can go into jingu mode instantly.

                                                        And then there is MK. Wait to hop from tree to tree. Wait to slam down, wait to activate bonus jingu mode, wait to cast ulti, then be required to stay inside it. I feel like MK needed to have limitations placed on his skills as they are both strong and diverse, but the average amount of time spent over the course of a match waiting for cast points and channels puts severe limitations on the heroes you can use to support him. It's no wonder he isn't picked up much in pro games: he is clunky for a carry.


                                                          Counter pick pudge ;D

                                                          MM.Brock Hall

                                                            @Puppet Master

                                                            VS works too, swap can reach him from the middle.


                                                              Arc warden counters him - sparks on trees and flux to force him go down. Then magnetic field and rightclick him to the death.


                                                                Cool MK!