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Relax, you're doing fine

    Fear Hype



      Korean players MP, QO, Forev, QO and DuBu have reunited.

      Febby missing.

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        still waiting for bulldog and ice3 to get a team


          OG.Reso, Cr1t is back to pos 4, and w33 has a team again. FeelsGoodMan.


            Ceo* correction lel


              w33 in pos 4!? Remember when he singledhandedly propelled them to TI6 finals with his unreal mid play?

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                  Return of Captain America!


                    I'm a trully fan of FEAR, go fear, show us your doto !

                    Nero Scarlet

                      I'm just wondering what happened to Midas Mode. Was really hyped iirc

                      Isaías Cancino

                        zai and ppd to Secret LUL

                        Relax, you're doing fine

                          pj/ccnc/zai/misery/ppd according to the prophet


                            No one went for 1st ?

                            DELETE DELETE DELETE

                              Resolution is a great addition to OG!


                                Old man Fear,is back

                                Herald [0]

                                  @PRDX. FURY It's COO...




                                      FEAR IS BACK~

                                      What are you fucking gay ...

                                        Fear pos. 5 ??? Also why not kick -Crit and get PPD back as captain

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                                        Passing Butter

                                          If anyone read my commend in the 10 seconds it was up, I apologize. I'm a bipolar ADHD person who didn't read the article and saw "FEAR REPLACES ZAI' and angry-jizzed my pants. I thought since his hand injury 5 pos was the place for Fear, but i can understand why he played pos 4 for TI 6. I think Crit is a terrible position 5 player compared to his position 4 play and am happy to see he is back. I really hope Fear can play some good strong defencive supports as i think EG's main problem has been over greed due to haveing 2 position 4 players. Good move


                                            i really wanna see the korean DOTO again