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SHiNiGaMi ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪
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          Warning: From here on out we will issue mutes to people posting 1st, 2nd etc.


            dont remove this please


              from rainbow gaycow to pubstomper


                Please post a blog for 'How to deal with Monkey King'. I need this very much :(

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                  @Skim: Never thought this day would come!

                  Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                    sad 1k scrubs posting 1st lmfao..pretty sure they'll go into the toilet and have a cry for real if they get muted

                    7even devils in my head

                      hero for bastards


                        Troll is usually a god counter with the mini bash melee passive that just destroys any chance of a good attack by SB

                        Lorem Bestia

                          "Please post a blog for 'How to deal with Monkey King'. I need this very much :("

                          Low armor, shut him down early in lane, with int heroes like skywrath, dazzle, lich, jakiro


                            DELET THIS


                              Dont ruin my +25


                                spacecow <3


                                  Наверно, единственная четвёрка, на которой люблю играть)


                                    ...Spirit Breaker is all about physical damage and physically attacking opponents, the disarm from Fate’s Edict...

                                    While the disarm sure comes in handy so he doesn't bash you all the time, you have to remember that a huge chunk of his damage is actually magical. Both his bash and the Netherstrike deal magic damage.

                                    Rick J19Z7



                                        omg, dictatorship


                                          Clockwerk cant stop charge with power cogs, boys :)

                                          I Bend Reality :D

                                            Physical damage spirit breaker??? His spells are of magical damage and that's what you rely on lol

                                            A Beautiful Mess

                                              good hero

                                              RosHan Solo

                                                No one suggest the Mighty Bloodseeker? You've been Ruptured Bara... where you going!?

                                                Alien Righteousness

                                                  No one plays Naga carry so you effectively listed no carries. Let me fill in the gap for you: Wraith King. Easy peasy Bara counter.


                                                    Basically any disabler and a support cause a team needs wards


                                                      WARDS > SPIRIT BREAKER


                                                        i think tp is not less important than wards againts spirit breaker. is it not simply to know where SB ganking, but try to help your team mates and try to get counter kill.. especially if u not the core


                                                          Pls issue article re: players who post FIRST!



                                                            I think eartshaker and pudge can also be the heroes to stop spiritbreaker from dominating the lane, at least it is what I pick to fight against and usually won against him.

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                                                                "Static Field" is also a good spell to deal with Spirit Breaker, whose low cooldown on Charge of Darkness actually relies on his spells more than one would assume.

                                                                Errr, don't you mean Kinetic Field?

                                                                Captain Flint

                                                                  I play very often with SB, and the clockwerk is the most dangerous counter. The battery assault can negate the charge in, the charge out, the nether strike and also any regular auto attack. The SB's 1.9 base attack time is an eternity. Also, don't underestimate linken's sphere, because SB will lose the power to quickly run across the map, and it is also a warning to know when you are being targeted for a gank


                                                                    Я уже на баре взял 700+ птс и продолжаю брать, а тут ещё и о нём статью пишут


                                                                      i spammed bara and had a 12 winstreak ranked games in 4k bracket


                                                                        Back in the day when Sniper has mini-stun in headshot. It feels great when you can just cancel those angrily cow charge's with just a right click. Well, now Snipe get balanced


                                                                          SB + Invo Sunstrike so good haha

                                                                          Lil Dicky

                                                                            but why!? he is my highest rated HERO!!! ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY SPACE COW!!!