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    thanks :) missed the entire thing because timezones, but your recaps help loads. thanks very much :D

    Жыве Беларусь!

      дамой лсы ебаные

      Vremya V Pustyu

        good job


          I hope Team Secret Will win ti5 ...Goodluck !!


            Thank you for the typed out recap, can't really stream video at work. Keep up the good work.

            Rick Fucking Sanchez

              Na’Vi lost :|


                bb na'vi((

                < BLANK >

                  If you havent already, go watch the final 5-8 minutes of the Navi v Vici game. The most remarkable highground defense Ive ever witnessed.


                    NAVI IS BACK!!!

                    mode: nikolica jugg

                      How is Navi back...They lost because their captain is bad


                        yeah their captain sucks!

                        Саппорты - тоже люди

                          na'vi one love

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