Dotabuff is Hiring!

Dotabuff is growing and we're looking for passionate members of the Dota 2 community to help us! Working with Dotabuff means that you'll join our staff chat rooms, help drive the direction of new initiatives, review features before they launch and regularly discuss how we can improve Dotabuff.

If you've ever wanted to be involved with Dotabuff and make a significant contribution to the Dota 2 community, now is your chance! We have multiple open positions ranging from a front-end web developer to a customer support specialist. Please help spread the word if you have friends who may be interested.

How to Apply

Based on previous hiring posts, we expect there to be a lot of interest in many positions. Please don't feel rushed to submit your application immediately. We'd much rather you take your time and submit a thorough application. To this end, we'll be accepting applications through August 6th, 2014 before making any hiring decisions. If you've applied in the past and see a position that interests you, please don't hesitate to send in a new application - we promise you'll hear back from us!

Current Openings

All positions are paid, remote and have opportunities for growth.

19 Kommentare

    I can be social Media guy.


      ill vouch for milann.


        Im a certified graphics specialist, a programmer, and also knows basic website designing (html).

        please stop by and email me at:

        i am willing to work for DOTA.. :)


          People applying in the comment section /faceplam
          You must be really interested in this job if you didn't even read the article.

          Mom's Spaghetti にゃん

            I'm with Big Black Clock - perhaps read the article if you plan on seriously applying haha.

            I'd love to do so; but feel I'm underqualified in most respects. Best of luck to those who do apply =) Looking forward to seeing this site grow.


              I'm useless and haven't achieved anything in life yet.#yolo


                I can be the boss's douche bag son. Hiring people for that, I'm your man.


                  DOTABUFF yu no reply buk! =/

                  The Backwards Man

                    I'll be applying for staff writer/community writer and maybe social media specialist sometime this weekend, my resume needs to be shook of the 3 years of piled dust


                      Protip:if ur mmr is too low and u work here u get fired


                        Damn, it's a dream job. Hottest tech: Ember, React, Go + Dota background.
                        Too bad I'm like 3k mmr JS dev. I wish I've spent less time playing dota and more practicing programming. #fml


                          Sent my application in this morning. Hope to hear from you all soon!

                          Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

                            @Muta I don't believe that is a true statement.


                              If you hire any Community Moderator, can I see his/her resume? (I'm not good enough, meh)


                                submitted an application with a resume, hope to hear from you guys soon


                                  Have you made your decision yet? :)


                                    Yeah, is there any eta. on when the applicants will get a reply?


                                      IS there any update on when applicants would be getting replies?


                                        Is it to late for me to apply?! You told us to take out time, and not to feel rushed!