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General DiscussionWhat is a good networth for all 1-5 positions

What is a good networth for all 1-5 positions in General Discussion

    At 10 and 15 min mark. Please answer if you're good at dotes . Ty


      you're asking a broad question that doesn't have a broad answer. the most obvious answer is that it depends on your hero. for example you wouldn't expect the same networth from a pos1 ck and a pos 1 alchemist, and there's more to the game than killing creeps.

      for example, a last pick meepo with a completely free game could be only farming his entire side of the map, taking farm from his team, or he could be farming less, but farming the enemy side of the map, pressuring them and controlling the map, which is far more impactful than a few extra GPM



        Please answer if you're good at dotes

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          Only Notail can answer then :(


            ^ Only Notail Can Buyback To give you a perfect answer

            consciousness expands

              Stop trying to quantify everything in Dota.

              Hurr durr BIGGER NUMBER > SMALLER NUMBER.

              The classic examples:
              "You are only level x?"
              "You only have x items?"
              "mid KDA x/y/z gg"

              Numbers are important but nobody wins the match having them higher. Except if you have one more Ancient than the enemy. :^)


                10m mark 4-5.5k as cores is good 1-2


                  This really depends on your hero but lets try smt:

                  For Pos 1

                  Awkward Laning Stage 2900+
                  Hard L.S. 3200+
                  Moderate L.S. 3500+
                  Good L.S 3900+
                  Awesome L.S 4500+

                  For pos 2

                  Awkward L.S 3000+
                  Hard L.S 3400+
                  Moderate L.S. 3850+
                  Good L.S. 4350+
                  Awesome L..S 5000+

                  For Pos 3


                  I dont have enough experience to analyze for pos 4-5.

                  wither skitter

                    Whatever hero you play as pos 1, 60 last hit at 10 min is the benchmark for a playable game


                      You are asking wrong questions. The question is when to leave the lane as a carry to farm jungle. Thats why I dont like playing Riki or Mk safe because they cant jungle if the lane is too difficult.

                      60 cs for am would be fantastic on a lane with kill potential, while it would be medicore on Sven. So it also depends on your pick.

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                        mk cant jungle? Just max W and see the magic happens


                          If you are maxing W then you should have never picked mk in that particular situation.

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                            Please answer if you're good at dotes
                            >> 4k mmrs with blue star start posting


                              idk what number is right but im positive that a freefarms safelane can get way more than 4.5k networth

                              in the end tho it doesnt matter, you should just try to optimize ur csing and ur laning and ur map movements and hero pool and all that jazz.
                              tho tbh i understand the intrigue to staring at the cs number in a game and watching it grow, it is fun to do.


                                dunno man but if you have 30k+ nw by any position in 15 mins i assume you're very good at the game


                                  ^true :)


                                    i think lex was smarter than that, why would you max Q-E on mk in lane without kill potential ?


                                      im p sure u actually never take more than 2 points in q and e each anymore as pos 1, because u want to push out waves and kill creeps fast to get ur aghs and scale.

                                      even as mid i think u shud probably take a couple points in w to farm or u just end up useless after laning stage

                                      just look at the dota2protracker page for monkey to get good idea, or go watch qojqva talk abt how he plays monkey