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Coming Back to Dota 2 from Retirement in General Discussion
☩ Vinblastine ☩

    I don't know why I'm coming back to this game after successfully leaving it. Man I guess you never truly left Dota 2.

    Anyone here coming back from retirement also?

    P.S. Immortal bracket sucks right now ~


      u can never leave


        tru, came back after 1/half months and already suck a lot compared to before. You either never leave or you leave forever, otherwise it'll be even worse.


          actually I used to play warcraft and starcraft many years ago and it really FUCKED MY LIFE. and I swore I will never ply this again

          but after some years Idk why but I joined dota2 (probably because this game releases most Dopamine ever)

          and this proved me "you may rest sometime but you can never leave dota"


            How tf can you come back and own everyone just like that ?


              he played literally every day. 56 games this month.

              ☩ Vinblastine ☩

                @Kowareta true

                @salty I surprisingly don't feel suck or clunky after coming back xD

                @Warcraft I'm scared this piece of junk would consume my time even more, I played again yesterday & today .-.

                @Lex I don't know man, maybe SEA players skill level is getting worse

                @NineO 56 games this month, but before that I last played Dota on October 2019 bro, go check my stats


                  if you think coming back after 15 days is successful then try a full, month :D. All, tho i'm playing with my smurf 1-3 games per week or so :D. Even, so you're owning'em

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                    Shit game shit players


                      Welcome back

                      ☩ Vinblastine ☩

                        @how to win I'm coming back after 9 months of retirement bro, last played on October and then I started playing again everyday on August, stopped playing for 15 days and now continue playing again xD

                        @ywn no. Great game shit players, which translates to shit game

                        @dumpster don't welcome me I'm sad and disappointed with myself :(


                          This game sucks you back always.


                            I've quit 4 years ago. Now playing quite a bit again.
                            It's fun, but it's cancer. Like always was and always will be.


                              thats why i edited my post after seeing your 11 months

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                              ☩ Vinblastine ☩

                                @etdawesome and I'm coming back again today, with 2 losses that is :)

                                @xan it's still the same amount of fun but even more cancerous, hence less interesting to play

                                @how to win my bad


                                  Bamboni Ancient again?


                                    Why do you want to quit playing ?
                                    How much free time do you have ?
                                    And what do you wanna do with your free time ?
                                    Figure this out and you can quit or play casually:)


                                      Lol I’m about to start the retirement recently, mentally tired to play this game right now. But I’m sure will play back. Glhf


                                        @lex too tired of playing in LP and my mmr is between 4.2k-4.6-4.8k and constantly going into LP after 2-3x14 games and its gettting annoying. I'm on my way of never playing ranked games on this account. I've another one i'm playing on it and the games are just horrible, xD (unranked matches around 5.1h played)

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                                          i left dota for rb6 but the game was not solo playable so i came back to dota eventually. i wish i stayed with siege tho since i was quite high rank at that time and i knew the top 1 MMR player :( dota is just so ez to get into a game and play.


                                            I am on a break of normal gameplay. Usually abusing and doing some Aghanim's Labirynth since almost all of my friend left. And doing Battle pass made me tired day by day instead of having fun but mostly my own reason is due to my losing streak on ranked that made me from Ancient 3 to Legend 5. Though i have no regret taking a break from all the toxic of SEA. It literally ate your sanity away

                                            ☩ Vinblastine ☩

                                              I continued playing again and now I'm craving to reach 7k :(

                                              Kabir singh's bo0ster

                                                Give in boy, you know you want that juicy dopamine boost. Ohh yess let the MMR addiction take over you it feels so good.

                                                Dominant Species

                                                  I just need my fix.

                                                  ☩ Vinblastine ☩

                                                    And now I'm starting to get idiotic teammates


                                                      I think Valve's system trying to bring you down to 50% win rate

                                                      ☩ Vinblastine ☩

                                                        I think Valve's system trying to bring you down to 50% win rate <<< can someone confirm this?


                                                          no, not for Dota
                                                          games like Clash of clans , clash royal, and most of mobile ranked games yes they draft you with moron allies or very hard enemies after ur strike win, but I haven't seen such thing in dota
                                                          only condition valve drafts me with very hard enemies is when I go with Party.
                                                          I told you about my experience in match making but since you are immortal, so probably u know better

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                                                          ☩ Vinblastine ☩

                                                            See my last match and watch how I got placed with 4 feeders with 0 impact and a feeder mid Silencer.


                                                              Nice to see you back kid, without dota your life with lack something.


                                                                @Vinblastine. Enjoy playing in immortal bracket or have fun smurfing in archon.

                                                                ☩ Vinblastine ☩

                                                                  How can I enjoy playing with idiotic feeder account buyers bro xD


                                                                    @vinblastine play in eu regions less feeders there (I hope no russian would draft with you)


                                                                      1 month without dota is a retirement for you? wow guys you really struggle with this addiction huh?

                                                                      get hold of yourself your life going to pass by playing some stupid game.

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                                                                      DISGUSTING LOSERS WONT END

                                                                        Hey man, welcome back. Congratulations on winning your last Yurnero game.

                                                                        Personally I don't think it has changed much, except for the mechanics updates.

                                                                        Hope you enjoy it 👍