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Life is a lot better without dota. in General Discussion
Vas-y Pousse!

    *Quick story*

    I left the game for 4 months...

    I got back and had a good winning streak (went up by 3 stars in 2 days) and I started losing most of my games...

    Left for another month, came back, had some wins but went back to losing again.

    I mean yeah sure! You win some and you lose some...

    But the time and effort just don't seem like it's worth it to me.

    Losing feels like shit and winning doesn't feel great either.

    The frustration outweighs the pleasure.

    But... why?

    Why am I still playing this?

    I don't get it... I'm supposed to delete my account and never look back...

    But I can't.

    How are you guys dealing with this?

    Very High Skill

      illuminati. this is what they wanted. they control ur life. u cant run away from their things. dota 2 is illuminati and they want people like u to contribute your money, ur soul to this game

      Park SaeRoYi

        Just stop playing Dota, i drop from legend to crusader now...

        It feels shit, when u are the best player in game, but you got shit teammate that always feed, farming the whole time, and then u lose the game..

        Dont forget about booster or smurfer also..

        The game is great, but the community are TOXIC... leave it, bfore it ruin your day, your life...


          Ofc its better :) Especially if you excercise instead.

          I always say 1 thing. If I invested 1/3 of the dota time to learn new languages and excercise, I would be sexy polyglot. Now Im just sexy.

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          mine ise vittu

            Only reason I ever stopped playing dota was because I was bored of it and found more fun elsewhere
            Also ppl in this thread are fucking weak and will stay shit

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              @Park SaeRoYi I think u lose coz of park seo joon


                Fucking hell you are literally a crusader and you are taking this game seriously enough for it to negatively effect your life? Find a new hobby.


                  You barely got hours on this game man, talk to me about sunken cost fallacy when you got 12k hours like me lol.
                  At this point I just play to get better, but the fun isn't really there unless I'm fucking around in turbo with dumb fucking builds (and people are playing so serious on turbo it's almost disgusting).

                  Also ppl in this thread are fucking weak and will stay shit

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                    Get laid more play other casual games work out be social what else do you need :)


                      Just like smoking and alcohol, best enjoyed at limited levels can b good but not too much, im taking break off dota after BP is over and i complete caven etc


                        why not play for fun?


                          Err... We, at least I, don't deal with it? This game is designed to become addictive. A million things to do and learn, there's no storyline with a beginning and an end but 30-40 minute games you can binge queue instead and sound effects specifically made to trigger the "here's your cookie doggo, play more to get another one" in your brain, like the last hit one. Plus, community aside, the game is really complex and fun. Long story short, I've tried to quit for years but ended up throwing 100 € in the pockets of that beautiful bastard Gabe for the current BP, despite being very good at saving money and not really a materialistic person that likes to spend. The best thing to do imo is to make a daily schedule and include exercising, studying and reading something and going out. Need discipline to restrain addictions or else they'll take over your life like ivy in a garden.

                          Pale Mannie

                            i left because i felt like in a mental assylum lately and the meta sucked too hard (7.22 just brawl and buyback lmao meta)


                              Addiction has 2 parts: physical and mental. Physical is easy, from 3 to 10 days.
                              Mental is different whatsoever, and it can range from couple of weeks, to months and years.

                              Thara Ak-Var

                                I'm clean 9 months now. I think the best way to avoid it is finding a new hobby. Reading comics is a lot more engaging and fun for me than Dota has been for a long time.

                                Vas-y Pousse!

                                  Appreciate you all for your answers!

                                  I have to say...

                                  These past 6 months have been the most productive for me.

                                  It's almost like I've finally found something interesting and worth it enough to pursue. I want to go back there and pursue it even harder...

                                  So, I uninstalled the game for now.

                                  We'll see what happens later...

                                  Until then, wishing all of you a fvck load of success :)

                                  Take care!

                                  wom*n beater

                                    its either dota or p*ornhub soo..


                                      Write a book

                                      This 2 Months are Freakin...

                                        You can't enjoy it because u addicted heh

                                        wait for me

                                          I stopped playing dota for a while now. No good reason, the game just laggs too much these days. Playing Sakiro now, not as hard as Dark souls.
                                          Also my mind is free given I don't constantly have to think about some mmr number. However, I will start playing whenever the traffic becomes much lower and I can enjoy lag free matches.

                                          Suq Maddiq

                                            so some of you in here don't play dota anymore but still frequent the threads? Yall weird.

                                            Vas-y Pousse!

                                              This video just came out today on the topic: you guys might get a thing or two from it :)

                                              And... @mVp I am actually doing that lool!


                                                I also quit the game and i feel better to be honest...

                                                This 2 Months are Freakin...

                                                  @vas-y pousse ! Dota can be extremely addictive and life destructive. i now have around 7k hours play time on dota. It's a lot of time not gonna lie but for me this time wasn't necessarily unproductive or wasted, in this period of time i have learned many things from dota, But obviously i would've learned more from other hobbies for sure. For me gaming is all about the time i have spent on it. i haven't spent 1$ in my whole gaming life around 13 years :/ . Dota is addictive and destructive but it still can be a fun way to spend time. i'm trying 2 methods to control my gaming at the time. one is keeping a journal basically writing when i played what position i played when i picked and the result of the game + my story and a also a score for the game, the second thing i'm trying is setting specific goals so i won't get too attached to the game over losing 30 mmr or 60 and will look at the game from a wide and long term perspective for example my goal currently is to get to 6k in 3 years (helps me control my emotions). This 2 things have really helped me control my addiction and continue enjoying the game. (i have only played 15 games in the past month). Workout and reading books has helped me build up more disciple and with help of this journals, i'll know how i have performed in the past month or so. Meditation also helps tho it's not a part of my daily life currently.
                                                  I forgot to say that my use of web has increased tremendously from the time i have decreased my dota tho :D I'm spending 2.5 Hours on a daily basis on youtube and 1.5 hours on playing chess and 20 minutes on chess ( i use a web time tracker extension btw if you're curious ). However this time isn't really wasted as it's not that addictive first and second i learn a lot honestly.

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