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    Has anyone tried this one yet? Seems potentially pretty devastating to have multiple 3000 (2250) HP Golems running around with haste and critical strike. I know you'd have to choose using Wolfbite on a non-core for this, but I think this is one case where that can be easily warranted.

    This does seem pretty cool since Lycan is a fast farmer and could get that Aghs quickly, perhaps he could play an offlane role to nab this.

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      It seems it does so :

      The wiki article talks about the affected unit as if it was lycan himself. Copy pasting rules.

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        lycan aghs is bad


          ^^Why do you say that? It gives Shapeshift to any unit you cast it on, and you also get Shapeshift. I mean I can list a limitless number of Core's that can benefit from 650 unslowable MS +critical strike, but this topic is about using it on heroes with devastating summons like Warlock.

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            I wonder how BS interact with Lycan Agha


              ^^Well the MAX MS is set to a locked 650, and says BS ult unlock max MS, I assume it works as a % based on 650? So in otherwise 2000+MS BS is possible?


                Offlane lycan is bad tho.. you have no way to pressure the safelane metapicks this patch..