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    Why can’t I get a very high level in the Dota Buff? It was on all other accounts, but I can’t. What could be the reason?

    KDA Turbo Top Damage, approximately 70% Winrate

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      huh, some dude trying to get vhs
      meanwhile im trying get back to normal skill and meet parma-chan there

      Lantern of Dreams

        Does turbo even affect mmr and skill?

        /7A/7A OPK

          stop making fucking smurfs u shitter if u arent complete trash u will raise rank on main and if u cant dont fucking bother ur just ruining games for others ty


            LMAO that WR

            mcdonalds wifi

              Because very high skill at this point actually means very high skill (or at least not shit).


                Is this guy serious :D


                  lmfao im literally vhs but im garbage player

                  a lot of divine players are garbage too, its only 4.6k

                  Lantern of Dreams

                    Well you say that, but you’re basically top 1% if you include unranked players.

                    It really goes to show how much there is to learn in this game.