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    Hello everyone!
    I recently started playing Brood again, I used to play her a lot on an old account.
    What I wanted to ask is that let's say I picked her mid, but out team had a WK safe lane, which means he's most likely gonna jungle, and that may reduce my farm as a mid Brood.
    In that case, what is the best Item build that I can go, while still dealing damage and not reducing WK's farm.
    And in which cases am I allowed to go very aggressive, and get items like Bloodthorn, Butterfly, Skadi ...
    I usually go Ring, Medallion, Diffusal, and then it's up to what I need.

    Thanks in advance!
    KAPICO, Archon II


      if you go btorn u need to go nulli

      usually get bkb after diffusal/orch

      i prefer aghanim and play spiders though


        what about farming enemy jungle?


          farm enemy jungle if u won ur lane

          pinoy slayer~

            for me.. i'll go medallion, diffusal, agha, deso and ac before 35 mins mark.. and put web all over enemy side map and pressure lane.. it is so easy if enemy dont have stun and disable.. this hero is beastt


              don't you pick brood to win your lane and stomp the game? I thought the only broods that win games are those who destroy mid

              T'ekaaluk (Feachairu #1 Fan)

                Playing broods feels like gambling if you not last pick it

                ✪ KAPICO

                  Thank you everyone for your tips!
                  The case I was talking about is when it happens that I didn't win the lane.
                  Of course I'lll last pick Brood and go mid, that's obvious.
                  But let's say I lost the lane for some reason, and my safelane carry is a hero that sleeps for about 20-25 mins in the jungle to get his items.
                  Anyway, I'll consider farming the enemy jungle in case I lose.


                    I cant imagine the scenario of brood losing lane but winning the game


                      Feachairu is a legit brood god, take the advise he gives seriously... the creature destroyed a 7k mmr invoker like he was just a creep...


                        pls stop you fool

                        brood can lose lane like vs kunnka/tiny/lc etc but if the lane winner didnt shut her down her jungle she can still get some items and be a threat lol

                        T'ekaaluk (Feachairu #1 Fan)

                          Faechiru send some match id pls want to see when you lose your lane but won the game