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Senatus Sum

    I want to add another cancer hero to my repertoire (but also because I'm bored of Io), what are some basic tips and tricks that you know that could improve my game? I already know of some basic combos like W->Q to reposition and E->Q->W for max dmg and cc but other than that I'm clueless.

    Also I'm really bad at landing my spells. Some tips for that would be nice too.

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      u have to play more to kinda get the feels of the hero i guess but just so you know magnetized units share the same debuff so u can try to magnetize 5 heroes or as many as you can and even if u silence or slow one guy all of them will get silenced or slowed too and mb try to predict where your opponent will walk and cast your spells and dont roll in vision of your opponent if he's good its quite easy to dodge the roll


        also you can cast spells and some items mid roll try to use that even if u miss your roll u can silence or slow the dog

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          braindead hero, press W, then spam buttons ez kill, can even solo kill cores

          Jack Attack

            I wouldn't list him as a cancer hero. Cancer heroes are ones that are annoying to play against. For me its tinker. For many this patch they would say riki.


              - Every skill has to be on quickcast, exept the Stones. For example, you can move your mouse over the enemy and roll in, while you doulbeclick your Stone.
              - When you want to gank, wait till the enemy is about to hit a lasthit on a creep, there you can perdict when his standing still.
              - Urn/Vessel in 99% of all games
              - I try to smoke gank mid with level 3 every game, position under your own tower, wait till hes going for a lasthit and roll in. Kick him back into your tower or your midlaner, slap him down like a carsalesman the rooftop of a car. "Hmm thats a tasty midgank"
              - At level 8 you should go for one point in Grip, every game. If they have a Blink hero or Puck or something you can go Grip earlier at level 4
              - check if the enemy have Manta, BKB, or a dispell like Oracle or Legion Comander
              - Euls is a good item for beginners with ES, so you can set up stunns/slows/silences easy and you have good manaregen and can survive fights better
              - Try to manage your stones, dont throw them out like nothing, for example, when your Ultimate is ticking, wait till there is just one secound left and then place the next stone.
              - and the most important thing is: play, play, play. I would say when you have 100 games you will start to feel much better and more confident on him.

              ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ☾ᗩℝᏁჯᎿÎᎯ₦✌♫

                Remember you can double click/double tap stone remnant to immediately spawn one in front of you. He has a lot of skillshots so

                u have to play more to kinda get the feels of the hero

                play, play, play

                Heck I don't even play him as much anymore and I still have a "feel" for using him.

                A play that I like in the early game is going Rolling Boulder then Shift-Queing Boulder Smash to push the enemy hero closer to your side. Like putting them in the tower or something. It's also satisfying putting an allied creep on the ward spots. Free ward :D.


                  "Shift-Queing Boulder Smash"
                  you should get one hit on him before you kick him back.


                    not hard at all to play. Buy an urn, keep doing kills on their weakest support, silence the casters (like blackhole or rhasta or LOOK AT IT GO doing his ult). Done. there really isn't much depth other than if you want to extend the magnetize you can always keep throwing more rocks. Other than that, people play him with dagger and force and use Q to move their cores out of position and save them.

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