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General DiscussionWhy Can't sell the International 2019 Player Card Pack?

Why Can't sell the International 2019 Player Card Pack? in General Discussion
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    I got sellable ones but everytime I try it will say "There was a problem listing your item. Refresh the page and try again."
    Someone got the same problem? any tips on how to deal with this?


      Same here...


        Same here and still can't do it eventhough i already refresh multiple times

        mentally exhausted

          I think it was a bug to be able to sell it in the first place so they have made it so that people can't list it anymore on the market. I wanted to sell mine as well, but have the same issue and have had this last TI with meepo announcer pack.

          That's Life

            It's not a bug. The Player packs that are attained from Digging with Shovels are tradable. As to the issue, no one really knows why.


              Im having this problem too. Valve needs to fix it because I have a lot of them


                if you try to list them for 0.03 will let you do it but for 0.4 ( actual price) you get the err msg


                  Same. How to sell it and also why the fvcking market price is still rising ? how did they do to sell it. Lol


                    Same here

                    D e l l

                      same here


                        and the price for the card packs is still rising like crazy


                          UPDATE : I contacted steam support and they told me that the card packs aren't supposed to be tradable or marketable, it's a glitch.

                          shame, could've bought a cheap immortal by selling these....


                            when can we open player cards the regional qualifers is already over