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Boost with BH?!? in General Discussion

    Played against this rather good sky player who is camping me and later broke his own items.
    Checked his profile. Is he a booster?
    Also look st the BH stats. Really impressive. So is core BH a thing now?
    Also @ Parmasama if you are reading this you can see high mmr players wipe the floor with 1k crusaders.


    Sygma.Pride ~

      The guy goes from "normal" performances to stomping games in a 15 days break. => Might be a booster or he did some secret training xD

      About BH, it's seems it's more on the players he is playing against:
      - They don't seem not to know how to handle invi picks (look his scores with slark). The only game where he went through hard times was against zeus + 2 supps buying detection :
      - The guy has a better macro (where & when to gank; how not to die)
      - They don't have one or more decent supps most of the time (rubick basilius + mana booster + no boots =
      20th) (it's usually the supps that hate on this kind of roaming roache)

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        Is he a booster?

        Prob yes lol



          also bh is a lit boosting hero

          at least in archon type games

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            I run test some day ago and BH does same DPS than PA so BH core maybe not so bad

            Don't Go

              bh core is legit as fuck, i scored 1400 gpm on him, is fun as fuck

              better as a sup4 to boost tho

              Potato Marshal

                Obvious booster, but new BH is really strong. Just non-stop keep harassing people with jinada. Transition into something like arcanes and solar crest. Just don't get too greedy in the mid to late game with your jinadas where you're putting yourself out of position.


                  Brother may i ask u a question ? Is this ur real id ? if yes then how with 3k games are u 2k mmr ?

                  Potato Marshal

                    Crusader 1 is really closer to 1.5k actually...


                      Haha. I’m 1k MMR.
                      Trench is REAL for me.