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General DiscussionHow am I supposed to get out of this bracket?

How am I supposed to get out of this bracket? in General Discussion
Outhouse Decorator

    Basically every other game looks like this... These people don't even see anything wrong with it. 23 deaths on a bristleback in under 50 minutes? What could possibly be wrong with that?

    Any advice? I'm running out of reports...


      Well boosters can do it, so as much as you improve yourself toward their level you will start geting out.

      So its possible we are just not at that level yet.

      Giannis Antetokounmpo

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        Outhouse Decorator

          I mean I have a winrate of over 59%, but these games keep on happening and it's fucking annoying

          Giannis Antetokounmpo

            On a serious note, play the game and mute everyone pick op heroes

            Giannis Antetokounmpo

              Europe west bro queue in sea server everytime i wanna killmyself


                You have to gather your team together... If you look at the numbers, you can see that none of you were apart in more than 50% of the kills for the team. In other words, you are often solo when you get the kills. And basically when ever you have had a team fight, the other team is there and your team is scattered all over the map.

                The other team has clearly followed Slark just rumbling all over the map ganking anything that moves with a pocket Dazzle, which makes him really hard to kill as you need to do away with the Dazzle first or at least force him to grave himself. You need to play more as a team. Try to get the band together and push an objective, go for a smoke gank into their jungle or something. Especially here, Zeus taps ult to locate your team members and Slark goes after them. Invoker can do the same with Cataclysm, once he gets to that level.

                Dazzle even had Solar Crest to really confirm the kills for Slark. At that point you need to team up or Slark will eat you alive, which he did.

                Other than that, git guud. I will tell you once I get out of the same trench, if this actually works...


                  But i dont understand how is this dazzle having same net as u and all others bigger net


                    And why u dont buy int items on od idk for me u deserve a loss there.


                      just pick retarded heroes like jugg, viper, dragon knight or terro and win games loool

                      Outhouse Decorator

                        My build is a completely standard OD build. The dazzle was feeding off the BB, and most of their net worth is them wasting time with us trapped in our base by techies


                          listen there are some games which are considered as unwinnable just move on and think of the upcoming game and don't stress yourself :)


                            Tribo with the positive mental attitude?????


                              ??? Whats with the surprise???

                              Giannis Antetokounmpo

                                pick od or slark and go ham on them they probably saying that " im out of mana or im out of attributes", shadow blade is always been useful on lower brackets no one would waste their money on a shitty sentry ward. You wanna get out of this bracket right?

                                lone dog

                                  Probably learn how to end the game yourself. Only one t2 taken in a 44 minute game shows you don't know how to.


                                    I am a true player who defies trenches. Started with 812 mmr and went down as low as 500 mmr now after 1 year im at 2k

                                    ba shane

                                      spam ur fav 3 heros until youve mastered them

                                      Outhouse Decorator

                                        Again, with taking towers... There's a techies. A techies spammer. He knows what he's doing.

                                        Other than that, yeah thanks for the advice.

                                        I started playing in August and calibrated to herald when I could. Up to crusader 5 now. Still a long way to go


                                          if you have a 60% winrate then whats the problem? dont stress yourself with bad games too much, as long as you win more than you lose you will get out of any bracket

                                          نجمة دوتة

                                            just win ur fucking games dude

                                            if ur not winning a game really take a look at urself and try to figure out why

                                            if ur teams holding u back its cuz ur letting them


                                              Crusader 5 and still stuck in normal skill bracket.I say u git gud. Below:I didn't say git gud to him because he's a crusader 5,i said git gud because his matches are in normal skill bracket..

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                                                But you ^ are crusader 4 rofl

                                                depressed bag stealer

                                                  keep playing the heroes you got with 50% wr xd