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Officer Tony P

    I have been stuck in 1k since I started playing a couple of years ago and I have been trying to get out of 1K. I have playing Sven a d I think I am doing okay, I should probably farm faster but what else can I do to have a larger impact and if my team is lackluster maybe even carry them. Also, are there any other good heroes you guys would recommend to play in the lower skill bracket?


      make sure your last hitting in lane is good, you should come out with at least 40 in a contested lane and at least 60 in a mostly free lane by 10 minutes. Looking at your sven games I think you may be prioritizing farming too much. In one of your games your team destroyed every single building but your team only had 4.7k building damage. Now you were most of that but you still only had 3k and you should have at least 5k and probsbly close to 10k if your team isn't hitting buildings. I would suggest viper, since the hero dominates lanes and rarely gets punished in lower mmr's.


        Most of the matches you willl fight 1v9, so pick accordingly, in order to effectively get out from your current bracket you have to play like you are 2 above it, so if you are 3k you will get out of 1k in a month assuming you know what you are doing, theres no way in hell that you can have winrate higher than 60% its statistically impossible because its a team game, if your opponents are better organised or have you outpicked you are done.

        So to solo carry your team you really, really need to be good!

        Cheaper way is to spam games like crazy then after 2-3 months when you think you improved make a new account and try to calibrate it higher.

        Other factors that will gimp your climb include: Smurfs and boosters are not uncomon in this bracket, also people with bad internet and finaly trolls that throw games and very toxic people. Good luck!

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          keep playing your highest wr heroes
          you'll learn the mechanics way faster with them
          and you'll go up in the mean time


            if you unironically cannot get out of 1k, just dont bother. it doesnt get better anyway.

            I'M sO fucKInG baAD

              I can get out of 1k pls help!


                There's a lot of people with high mmr that wish they could play some 1k games

                I'M sO fucKInG baAD

                  Idk from all the mmrs, I think 1k is the most fun place, ppl dont understand the game at all, they just do their thing. It's never been toxic, not a single game. There were a few morons, but there's like nothing close to some other mmr ranges.

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                    if you unironically cannot get out of 1k, just dont bother. it doesnt get better anyway.

                    THis! I have 3k account, only diference slight better team coordination and more people willing to play support, games on 1k are more fun just enjoy. Real dota is played on 5k MMR, everything bellow is some random mix and match "I PLAY WHAT I WANT" bullshit.

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                      learn to splitpush
                      learn to farm a 1v2 lane without any support ever
                      keep calm
                      get a feeling when to fight and when to split
                      learn mechanical skills on a handful of heroes and spam those


                        I'll just copy what I wrote something similar today
                        I suggest keep playing unrank and improve your mechanical skills and im sure you'll improve, like i was initially 100 mmr then i stopped playing rank and started improving yourself, get some outside help, i participated in amateur tournaments and played with some high 4k 5k mmr players, playing with them and then watching them play helped me improve my mechanical skills, i now started playing rank matches and have yet to lose one rank match in 2 days ive already reached 1k and i find it pretty ez to play with them, hopefully ill reach 3k by next month
                        Also pick heros that are self sufficient and dont really need help and can solo carry the game, like morphing, phantom lancer, broodmother etc, cause ive seen that people in 1k (including me) like to do the Mexican standoff, that is stand in midlane doing nothing, just starting each other, avoid that, go to some lane and push the wave, get farm and take objective, in the end dotas all about objective taking and not about kills

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